Meet the ‘Belles and Gals’ Team – #6 Megan Roberts

Belles and Gals has a fast growing team of enthusiastic and passionate individuals, all wanting to spread the word about the music we all love. Today is the sixth in a series where you get to meet the team – we’ll be interviewing each team member and they’ll be telling us all about the artists they love! Today we interview our newest team member Megan Roberts! (

Hi Meg! To start, tell us a little bit about yourself?!

Of course! I’m eighteen and currently studying. My favourite subject would have to be Creative Writing as it has really helped me develop my skills as a writer. I have dreams of becoming a Journalist someday, so have loved writing some of my previous articles on Belles and Gals. When I’m not writing I’m playing my Ukulele, and I’m saving up for a Banjolele as it seems like such a fun instrument, I love the unique sound! I love discovering new things, whether it’s travelling or going to gigs to celebrate new music.

What was it that got you interested in country music in the first place?

I think I was around nine years old when I was gifted Taylor Swift’s Fearless CD after having a rough day at school. We played it in the car on repeat until I could recite every word. I used to play the Love Story video on repeat, and even got to the semi-finals of a school talent show singing the Swift track. My parents have always listened to artists like Shania Twain and I’ve heard my grandad was a huge country fan; I guess it runs in the family!

If you had to pick three favourite artists, who would you choose?

Catherine McGrath, Taylor Swift and Kacey Musgraves. I feel incredibly lucky as I’m seeing two out of the three this year! All three of them are such inspirational songwriters.

And if you could only listen to one album ever again, which one would it be?

If this is a competition on how many times someone can fit Taylor Swift’s name into an interview, I think I might’ve won! RED was such an important album for me, and it provokes emotions. I have memories from when I was fourteen singing along to I Knew You Were Trouble with friends, and crying at my first ever concert because of All Too Well. This album has grown up with me through my teenage years.

What has been your personal highlight in country music?

I saw Catherine McGrath play at her first ever headline show a couple of months ago, and it was really special for me. I met so many nice people there, and my review of the show is what got me a spot on this amazing team! I’ve watched Cath grow as an artist since 2013, when she was uploading YouTube covers regularly. I think this is what attracts me so much to music journalism as I really feel a sense of pride watching developing artists make a name for themselves in the industry.

If you had to pick an artist to watch, who would it be?

Rosey Cale without a doubt. I’ve recently interviewed this budding artist and she’s such a lovely, ambitious person. I loved listening to her EPCreating Images and it really showcases the amount of talent she has. I’m excited for new music that is coming in the near future!

What is the most embarrassing record you have ever bought?!

Does buying Aqua’s Barbie Girl as an additional song on SingStar karaoke count? I don’t know what younger me was thinking…It definitely made my friends laugh at a birthday party though!

To finish, tell us the last gig you went to, the last album you played and the last song you played on your phone!

My last gig was Jeremy Loops, he’s a South African folk musician, my boyfriend’s favourite. He has an incredible stage presence and I wish I could go again!

The last album I played was The Shires’ Accidentally on Purpose on the bus this morning. I’m preparing myself for the tour later on this month!

The last song I listened to was Criminal by Lindsay Ell. I’m loving The Project right now!

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