Red Sky July To Record New Album!

There’s been talk of a new, fourth, album from this wonderful trio ( right up there among my favourite UK country artists) for some time now. It was mentioned at their annual Christmas show at London’s Green Note last December, and they have already promised to showcase several new songs at their one-off Summer gig at the same venue this Sunday ( which of course is sold out!) .
Confirmation that recording is to commence has finally been announced on social media, with the band heading into Willesden’s Narcissus Studio in NW London mid June for “7 days and 7 nights”. Produced by Rory Carlisle we are told that that the album will consist of their “ most strange and beautiful songs so far” .
Eager to find out a bit more about this new project, I contacted the band’s Shelly Poole to see what she could tell me exclusively for this site. The information she gave will, I’m sure, further whet their fans’ appetites!
…They are being purist about the new project, going well away from the pop country that’s happening so much now and back to their roots in alt folk Americana.
…It will be recorded live, to tape, the method used for their first ( self titled ) album back in 2011.
…The title is as yet undecided, there are two possibilities and the trio are confident that it will make itself known during the recording process.
…They are looking for a release date sometime in September or October
…There’s a lot of visuals to go with it, including a two minute dark sketch for each song. Quite unrelated but showing the dark comedy side of being in a band together ( which she joked about being cathartic!)

She summed things up by saying “ it’s one big art project really. Fun, fun, fun “ and it sounds like exactly that to me!

Keep in touch with the band at and on all the usual socials, and of course we will bring you any more news as soon as we have it too!
Meantime let’s flashback to the title track from their last album, 2016’s “ The Truth And The Lie”

Article written by Lesley Hastings (

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