Interview with Adele & Andy

Ahead of their upcoming EP, Adele & Andy are ready to release their latest single ‘Earl’. The story is set in 19th century America encompassing the work in the cotton fields as the owners daughter falls pregnant with a one night stand. The single tells the heartbreaking tale of the cotton field owners daughter falling pregnant after a one-night stand who subsequently, accused an Earl of rape to cover her shame. Instantly after his execution for his ‘crime’ the girl confesses his innocence all too late.

The melody flirting with both major and minor is really reminiscent of the time and the story while historic, is relatable and tangible. Adele & Andy have created a single with clever lyricism and instrumentation evocative of the message they’re trying to convey.

Check out our interview with them below;

How did the idea for this single come about, its quite a story?

I think it was a mixture of different films we’ve watched. Andy also reads a lot (To Kill a Mockingbird is his favourite book). It’s also because of all the miscarriages of justice and race issues that have surrounded us for centuries. We have written a lot about our own lives but wanted to do something quite different with Earl and As Much as I Miss You.

How do you get yourself into the shoes of the people this story is about?

We believe you have to live the story, feel the emotions; the injustice, the despair, the timing etc. We are trying to create pictures that people can imagine. We believe that if you can’t feel the emotions, the song just doesn’t work. We spend time talking about the story, what it might mean to all the characters and how they would feel!

Is this track part of a bigger story with your upcoming EP?

Yes the EP, which is going to be called “Love, Loss & Life Lessons” connects those things that we all experience at times.. The EP will be six tracks and each one has strong emotional connotations and it also includes a cover of a song that we feel is one of best songs ever.

The snare in this track is so evocative of colonial America was that something you really wanted to create?

Yes growing up Andy watched the series Roots and has studied Indentured Servitude. Some of the stories of hardship and racial injustice are really quite unbelievable and we feel they contribute to today’s societal problems. We wanted to delve into something that would make people sit up and listen!

What came first with this track? The lyrics or the melody? And what was the creative process in hitting that balance between doing the story justice in its sound and making it fit your sound?

The Lyrics for us always come first and usually from Andy. We discuss the story and then Adele disappears for a couple of days to create the melody. It is always an iterative process where words change to fit the melody or simply the feel. The build is always done on guitar first, there is an intentional military feel from the drums and the banjo, which hopefully ages the song. Slide is then used for a melancholic vibe and the vocals (again hopefully) allow you to feel the emotions throughout.

I like to finish with some quick fire questions just to get to know you both a little better

Dream Collaboration/Duet?

Andy & Andy: Steve Perry (Journey) with of course Adele although Steveie Nicks/Don Henley take a lot of beating

Favourite Animal?

Adele: LOVE Giraffes

Andy: Wolves

Favourite Venue?

Adele & Andy: Anywhere in Nashville

Favourite TV show?

Adele: We are watching a brilliant TV Programme that I’m really into called Mare of Eastown

Andy: Breaking Bad

Go to takeaway?

Adele: I love Chinese or Dominos or the two together 😛

Andy: I don’t really do takeaways

Dream Country to play?

Adele & Andy: America

If you had to pick between songwriting or performing what would it be?

Adele: Definitely performing for me.

Andy: Songwriting

Favourite artist or band?

Lately – Luke Combs But (Andy) Bob Seger, John Mellencamp. Ffloyd, Zeppelin, Metallica

Do you have a party trick?

Andy: Can balance 15 coins on his elbow and catch them in the palm of his hand

Adele: Trips over, spills things, gets tongue tied – and she notices absolutely everything.

Interview conducted by Samantha Melrose (

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