EXCLUSIVE: Amy Lawton Discusses Latest Single ‘New Light’

Exciting country talent Amy Lawton returns on August 9th with her brand new single ‘New Light’. The gorgeous track once again shines a light on the sweet melodic and lyrical abilities that Lawton has to offer.

Not only an accomplished performer in her own right, Amy Lawton is also an extremely talented songwriter and penned tracks for Belles and Gals favourite Sarah Darling’s UK Number 1 Country Album ‘Wonderland’.

Here we speak exclusively to Amy Lawton to discuss her brand new single:

How excited are you to be releasing your new single in August?

I’m very excited. So far people have only heard three songs from me so I can’t wait to show them another side of what I do.

Can you tell us a little about what the recording and writing process was like?

The writing process was quite sudden but it happened in stages. First, the idea popped into my head whilst we were filming a video for something else, and I had to leave to write it down. Then I took that idea to the studio and worked on it more with Matty Benbrook. The chorus fell into place quite quickly. The recording process is always long because I like to get it right.

What was the main inspiration behind the track?

The main inspiration behind the track is thinking about someone you’ve known for years, but suddenly seeing them in a different way. You never thought before that they could be more than a friend, and it’s kind of a realisation moment. It’s also about never judging a book by its cover.

What does releasing ‘New Light’ mean to you?

Every release is exciting but this one is especially as I’ve been holding onto this song for a while. It has a summery feel so I’ve been waiting for the right time of year to put it out. All of my songs are always very personal to me so it’s like putting another piece of me out there into the world.

Along with working on your own music you’ve also been writing for others and recently contributed to Sarah Darling’s Wonderland LP, what was that experience like?

Getting to write with other people has been amazing as I love songwriting, and it’s fun to see what you can create and learn from someone else when you’re working with them on their project. Getting to write on Sarah Darling’s album was a great experience for me and it’s given me the confidence to write with a bunch of other artists since then.

How did it feel when that record got to number 1 on the UK Country Album chart knowing you’d played a part?

It was really cool! It was the first song that’d been released that I’d written with another artist, so it just made me want to do more!

Along with the new single release, what else can your listeners expect from you this year?

They can expect to see a lot more music coming out! I have a whole heap of songs I’ve been holding back for a while but I finally want to start releasing them one after the other. It’s the hottest day of the year whilst I’m writing this, so it might seem a bit strange but I have a Christmas song I’m releasing at the end of the year too.

Can we also expect to see you touring soon? 

I have a gig coming up at Ronnie Scotts on the 20th August. Hopefully, I’ll have some support shows towards the end of the year. I haven’t got any tours planned at the minute but I’m hoping there will be one next year!

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