Emily Faye Releases Brand New Single ‘Barefoot’

Emily Faye is a leading light of the UK Country music scene. With genre crossing tracks which blends the sound of traditional country with popular music, Emily has developed a unique sound which is sonically pleasing. Couple this with killer songwriting and strong vocals and it is easy to see how Emily was name as ‘A New Country Artist to Watch’ by Rolling Stone.

Amongst a busy schedule touring with the ‘Write Like a Girl’ tour, supporting artists such as Chris Shifflet (Foo Fighters) and a jam-packed summer festival list, Emily has found the time to release a brand-new track. Out today (26th July) the track is titled ‘Barefoot’ and was co-written and produced by Sue McMillian. Opening immediately with an incredibly drawing bass and melodic guitar the introduction hooks you within an instant.

The track has an easy-listening vibe with an almost ‘beachy’ sound. It is evident that the track is designed for the summer with a bassline and accompanying instrumentals which will inevitably have you subconsciously tapping your feet to the beat. Providing some wise lyrical genius with lines such as “So take some time and slow it down”, it is clear that Emily has set out to create a chilled vibe in which leaves you longing for long days, sun and some relaxation.

It is key to note that not only does the track hook you in instrumentally and lyrically but Emily’s voice shines throughout the track. From the main vocal track to the accompanying backing vocals, Emily is spot on in tone and displays her ability to vary her pitch whilst maintaining strong control. Sprinkle the great lyrics with some brilliant vocals with a hint of banjo and you have the perfect country-pop summer track.

To hear more from Emily check out her socials:

Twitter – https://twitter.com/emilyfayemusic

Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/emilyfayemusic/

Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/theemilyfayemusic

Website – https://www.emilyfayemusic.com/

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