ALBUM REVIEW: Callaghan’s Self-Titled Release

Callaghan is one of the most exciting talents in the UK Country marked at this moment in time and tomorrow (August 31st) she releases her eagerly anticipated self-titled album. The new record promised to be one of the best of the year and after listening to the album in full I can confirm that the hype was very much deserved.

The LP opens with the stunning ‘Silence’ was is power ballad that has a breathtaking production and hauntingly beautiful lyrics. This is the perfect opener for the album that grows and grows into a shattering country infused track that showcases Callaghan’s vocals in all their glory.

And it leads perfectly into track number two which is the sublime ‘The End Of The World’. This one has a different, more stripped back vibe compared to ‘Silence’ and shows another side to the rising star. The simple piano led track lends itself beautifully to Callaghan’s tone and it’s a real standout on the LP.

‘Better Together’ is a more uptempo track that shakes the overall sound of the album up. This is one that you need to hear live to really appreciate. It has slightly dark lyrics but the pop/jazz infused production makes it a bouncy, catchy song that is one of my all time favourites from this exciting talent.

‘Skin On Skin’ is next and this is one that fans will already be very familiar with. It’s a hauntingly beautiful track that shows how much depth Callaghan possess and highlights her true abilities as bonafide country artist. It plays a major part on this new record and is great addition to the project.

At number five is ‘The Other Side’. This is another simplistic piano led track that shines a light on the crystal clear vocals of Callaghan. It’s one of my favourites on the album and it’s one that will be played on rotation for days. It builds into a guitar based track with soaring vocals and a massive production.

‘Surrender’ is at number six and again the piano influence is clear to hear which makes the track sound even prettier. The rich vocal tones of this truly outstanding singer are soulfully stunning and the overall stripped back production makes this the most raw on the album.

‘I Don’t Know How To Lose You’ is up next and this one yet again shows another side to Callaghan. It’s obvious by now that she is one of the most talented vocalists in Country at this moment in time and this track truly highlights her talents to the world. It’s a gorgeous ballad with heartfelt lyrics and it’s one of the best on the album.

At number eight is the slightly folky ‘Solid Ground’. I am loving the folk influences currently running through Country Music and this one is one of best. It’s a gorgeous track that sees Callaghan venture into new styles and really showcases that she is the real deal.

‘Broken’ is next and this is a simply stunning track. If you’re looking for one track to introduce you to Callaghan then this is the one you need to listen to.  It’s a soaring ballad that builds and builds and the lyrics are simply beautiful. It has shades of a classic Disney animation anthem.

‘All Through The Night’ is a stunning pre-lude that leads us to track number 11 ‘All Through The Night’ which is another breathtaking ballad. The ballads on this album are simply stunning, and it’s obvious that this is where Callaghan’s talents truly lie.

‘If You Miss Me’ is the penultimate track on the album and it’s a gorgeous soul infused track that is truly stunning. It’s gorgeously stripped back and has the prettiest of productions while the heartfelt lyrics sweep you away. This is truly sensational.

The record comes to a close with the huge pop infused hit single ‘Summer Days’. This is the perfect way to bring the LP to a close as it’s such a feel-good happy song that has catchy hooks and a sing-a-long chorus. This is a belting pop-country track.

Overall this is a record that highlights everything fans have come to love about Callaghan’s vocal tone. It’s a fantastic album that truly deserves to become a huge hit.

Callaghan’ will be released August 31st! 




Laura Klonowski

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