Joy Williams Releases Two Singles Ahead of Upcoming ‘Front Porch’ Album

Delighted to announce that four times Grammy winner Joy Williams has released two singles today ahead of her upcoming ‘Front Porch’. The album will be released in the early part of 2019 and if these two tracks are an indicator of what is to come, we’ve all got a lot to look forward to. Formerly of the Civil Wars, Joy has released ‘Canary’…


and ‘The Trouble with Wanting’…

Both songs are from Williams’ highly anticipated new album, ‘Front Porch’, and show off the singer songwriter’s beautiful and highly emotive vocals perfectly.

Williams recorded the album during the pregnancy of her second child. “There is an energy that is very creative in having a baby. It gives a sense of urgency on top of all the creative energy. Cellularly, your body is experiencing something really different. Everything you are feeling is elevated. And you have a time-stamped sense of urgency.”

To celebrate the release of new music, Williams will head out on a tour of the US this autumn, this after a successful string of sold out dates this summer (her first live dates since 2015).


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