Social Media Choice – Sunny Sweeney’s ‘Bottle By My Bed’

This week’s social media choice selection is ‘’Bottle By My Bed’ from Sunny Sweeney. As the chosen artist for the week, we asked people to shout their favourite song from Sunny and the track most selected was the emotional song above.

In our review of ‘Trophy’, Nathalie Larsen ( wrote:

And I must admit, it is a Lori McKenna co-write that is my absolute stand out track of the album. Bottle By My Bed is an agonising, heart-wrenching country ballad that describes Sunny’s longing to have a child. It’s one of the bravest and most original songs I’ve ever heard, and it has already brought me to tears several times – I can’t imagine what it must have been like for Sunny to record it, yet alone play it live. Almost impossible to choose a lyric to showcase, this one is vocally performed to perfection: “I only call my husband baby cause I love that word / never wanted something so bad, that it hurts / even give up these damned old cigarettes / if I could have a bottle by my bed.

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Next week’s social media choice artist is Kacey Musgraves.

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