Introducing Ken Pomeroy

Listening to Oklahoma singer/songwriter Ken Pomeroy’s new album, “ Hallways” which is due for release next Friday, 2nd November on Horton Records, it is hard to believe that this is the output of a 15 year old ! The mature writing, stunning, emotional vocals and competent guitar picking belie her young years and I was not surprised to discover that she is already garnering awards and accolades. Yes, before you do a double take, Ken is a “she”, we haven’t started promoting male artists!
She began singing and songwriting aged just 9, initially playing Ukulele but moving to guitar a year later and from there the only way was up! 2018 has already been an incredible year for this artist , kicking off with her playing the Mile 0 Festival in Florida and also being invited to open for the legendary Wanda Jackson at the Oklahoma Rodeo Opry. Recently she won the Jimmy LeFave Songwriting Contest in her home state with the moving and inspiring “ Sidewalk Song” that features on her upcoming album. Ken says of this write “ anyone who is down on their luck can turn it around and walk down that sidewalk they were sleeping on before”

Influenced by the likes of Carter Sampson, John Moreland and James Taylor, her rootsy music is a wonderful blend of americana/folk/country. The new 7 track acoustic album is the follow up to her 2017 EP “Minutes To Hours” and is dreamy, haunting and truly beautiful. Whether it’s the totally stripped back opening ballad “ Be There” which features just Ken and her beautiful guitar playing, or the addition of a variety of stringed instruments, a touch of piano too, and some subtle but effective backing vocals on the remaining tracks the production is exquisite and lets Ken’s lyrics get the centre stage they deserve. The inclusion of a few remarks from the studio during recording process (such “ we’re rollin”!) add extra atmosphere and it sounds like all involved had a blast! The closing track, the autobiographical “ Living The Dream” about life on the road, finishes with a hearty sing/clap along involving her musicians which brought to mind John Lennon’s “ Give Peace A Chance” ….not a bad comparison I hope Ken will agree if she reads this!

More information can be found at and “ Hallways” will be available to stream/download in all the usual places this Friday.

Article written by Lesley Hastings (

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