Vic Allen’s ‘Keeping Me Up’ Single Review

Recently I spoke with Norfolk-based artist Vic Allen (, it was fantastic finding out more about her and her career as a singer/songwriter so far.

Following the success of ‘Blinded’, ‘Keeping me Up’, the second single from Vic’s debut album is due for release tomorrow!

This emotive track paints the picture of a sleepless night after heartbreak. With lyrics like “I can’t fall asleep like this, waiting on a goodnight kiss I thought I didn’t need” drawing listeners into a dilemma: should you change your mind after breaking up with somebody?

The building, upbeat instrumental, along with Vic’s stunning vocals, makes this a catchy song that’s sure to stick in your head for all the right reasons.

Judging from the songs Vic has released from her upcoming record so far, it’s clear she has developed her signature acoustic sound. She has added several pop elements which make her new songs a lot bolder than before, whilst sticking to her much-loved country roots.

Belles and Gals couldn’t be more excited to hear more from Vic in the future. We’re sure you’ll love the new single just as much as we do!

Preorder ‘Keeping Me Up’ here:

Review written by Megan Roberts (

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