Amy Lawton – Don’t Bring Louise

Amy Lawton is an artist we’ve featured regularly on Belles and Gals, so we were delighted to see that the London based singer has a new single out. ‘Don’t Bring Louise’ follows up standout singles ‘Undone’ and ‘Hurts Like Paradise’ and sees Amy at possibly her best yet with this delightful country pop track. As you can hear below in the Spotify stream, the song features wonderful harmonies, while the subject of unrequited love is one that will touch many.

Amy writes, “Don’t Bring Louise’ is a true story, about a real girl that my ex-boyfriend dated. I started writing the song when I heard her name for the first time. I’d never met her but as soon as I heard her name I started building a picture of her and the lyrics started to form in my head. It’s about a feeling that gets reignited the first time you hear that the other person has moved on, even if you thought you were over it.

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