Lauren Jane to Release New Single

So someone who has been fairly quiet on the UK country music scene lately has been in the Parr Street studios recently…
Lauren Davenport (Lauren Jane) has just recorded 3 tracks at the world famous studio in Liverpool and I had the privilege of hearing the masters this week!
The first track of the three to be released is “If I was Whiskey”. In this beautiful love ballad Lauren’s vocals are stunning and are perfectly mixed sitting right in the middle of the track, pulling you in and fully immersing the listener in the music. The track was recorded live in studio with top class session players and has a real authentic Nashville sound.
“If I was Whiskey” has Lauren wishing she was a bottle of the strong brown stuff..! A catchy but sad chorus sits at the heart of this song… “But oh if I could only be, the bottle that you always need, make you believe” The song tells of a heartbreaking relationship breakdown where whiskey won, and how they ended up just going round in circles…and a longing to be able to be the whiskey in the guys life…and for him to love her like whiskey.
This song is due to be released in the next few weeks…make sure you keep an eye out! You won’t be disappointed and if you’re anything like me, it’ll probably have you sitting in floods of tears! It’s killer…and there’s more to come from this hugely talented young lady!…😊 …look out for reviews of her other tracks coming soon!

Article written by Mel Osten (


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