Andrew Jones Debut Single ‘Reminds Me of You’ – Out Now!

‘Reminds Me of You’ is the debut solo single from Andrew Jones. Many of you will be familiar with Andrew, who was the lead singer of Journey Home/Acoustic Journey. The song, aptly released on Valentine’s Day is a fine debut from the Oxfordshire based singer songwriter – the production is fantastic with the guitars working their magic throughout, while allowing the ‘made for country’ vocals of Andrew Jones to take centre stage.

The song is about being on the road or working away and everything he sees or does reminds him of that special person – ‘Every coke can, every whiskey, reminds me of you  – every highway, every tailgate reminds me of you’.

Andrew Jones:

My new song “Reminds Me of You” is a journey through life on the road away from home, missing your loved ones and the small things which can remind you of emotions you feel when they are around. As a musician, there can be a constant struggle for balance between the music and the home life. I never really focused on these feelings while I was in the moment but on reflection it was a real ache to be away so regularly. Depending on how your feeling it can also evoke the memories of loved ones lost.


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