Shannon Hynes to Release ‘Someone To Drink With’

Shannon Hynes will be releasing her second single ‘Someone to Drink With’ this Thursday (20th December). The single comes on the heels of ‘I’m Not Pretty’, which saw the London based Welsh singer songwriter to the iTunes UK Country Chart! The new single is quite different from the first, being a country ballad, with a beautiful sadness in the music and lyrics. Shannon has only released two songs, but it’s already clear that she’ll be an artist to reckon with in 2019.

We spoke to Shannon this week about ‘Someone to Drink With’.

Hi Shannon, you have a new single out, just in time for Christmas. Tell us how ‘Someone to Drink With’ came about?

Hey Guys, once again, I was just home alone with a glass of wine, feeling sorry for myself and started to write this song. I was kind of getting mad at myself, for feeling so lonely in such a vibrant city like London. I just started to write down lyrics such as ‘when your only friend is the liquor, and your six string old pal’ pretty dark, right? haha! This song is exactly how I was feeling at that moment. It’s crazy to think how songwriting works and how this song has come on since then. I’m ecstatic for people to hear it!

How do you go about choosing which songs to release? And what was it about ‘Someone to Drink With’ that stood out?

Someone to Drink With’ is one of my favourites that i’ve ever written. It couldn’t be more me. I just want to release songs that I love, it’s so important to believe in yourself and your music, so even though this might not be a song you’d expect a 24 year old young woman to release. I really love it. Also, this is very different to my first single ‘I’m Not Pretty’ it is very much a ballad. Country ballads are possibly my favourite kind of song, so it makes sense for me to release my own version, right?

This is your second single release after the great success of your chart topping ‘I’m Not Pretty’. Are your excitement levels the same this time around!?

My gosh, even more, especially as I’m so proud of this song. I am extremely nervous though too, but i keep telling myself, it’s not about the chart success or anything like that, it’s about the music. All I want, is for people to really love this song, it’s been a dream for me to be releasing music and i can’t believe that i’m releasing my second single this week.

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