Charly Reynolds Releases ‘Shelby’s Song’ Video

Today we’re delighted to feature Charly Reynolds for the first time as she releases the video for ‘Shelby’s Song’. This track appears on Charly’s ‘Kissed Us Goodbye’ and is a moving track about the effect a divorce can have upon individuals in a family.

We spoke to Charly this week and chatted about her career, the song and moving to Nashville!

Charly, it’s fantastic to feature you for the first time! Could you give us a brief insight into your career so far?

Thank you so much! I released my first song at the end of 2015 when I was a sophomore in high school, and since then I have released 16 songs total, moved to Nashville after high school graduation to pursue a career as a country music artist, and now I am about to release my 4th music video along with a new single, Shelby’s Song. God is so good.

You’ve just released the fantastic video for ‘Shelby’s Song’, an emotional and touching number about a divorce involving a child. How did the song come about?

Well, I am a child of divorce and there aren’t a lot of songs about that topic. I wrote the lyrics with Toby Waters, who happens to be my middle school PE coach, which is crazy! He is so talented. We decided to write the song from a mother’s point of view, because of course, divorce is hard on the children, but I can’t imagine going through it as a parent. I used some of my experience having divorced parents from when I was young in the song, and I am blessed to have the best parents in the world. The song is not telling my story, but it was written on some families I know personally, that have shared their stories with me. I wanted a ballad that would cause a lot of emotions and I think the song sure does that!

You recently made the move to Nashville! How are you finding life in music city?

I am LOVING it! It was hard to get used to living somewhere and not knowing anyone at first, but people here are super nice and it has been great meeting new friends and sharing our talents. I recently did my first writers round and I can’t wait to schedule more. I love getting to share my original songs, as well as hear what other artists have been working on and hear what they are proud of.

What are your hopes and plans for 2019?

My hope for 2019, is to be always be available for the opportunities that God places for me. I really want people to hear and connect with my music, and for my listeners to be as excited as I am for new releases and videos. I have scheduled some more writers rounds in Nashville, which I love doing so I am excited for those as well. I pray that this will be the year I will have the opportunity to sing on the Opry stage, where so many legends have stood, that has been on my bucket list for so long. I am so ready for whatever God has in store for 2019, so let’s do this!

Download ‘Shelby’s Song’ in the Belles and Gals Amazon Store!

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