Interview with Carly Pearce at the C2C Festival

It was an exciting weekend for Carly Pearce fans in the UK, as she came across the pond for the first time and played at the C2C festival. Belles and Gals were lucky enough to catch up with Carly just an hour before she was wowing the packed crowd in London on Saturday night!

Hi Carly, I want to start by saying It’s amazing to see you here in the UK! How has your weekend experience been so far?

Awesome. I feel really lucky to finally be over here.

You played in Ireland last night! How was that experience?

Really fun, we had a really great opening show.

You’ll be playing the O2 Arena in just over an hour. How are your nerve and excitement levels right now?

I don’t really get nervous so I’m just really excited to get to experience what I hear is such as special crowd!

Have you got a word for your fans here in the UK?

Just that I told ya I would make it over and I kept my promise. And thank you so much for supporting me over here and I hope too that this is the first of many shows.

You recently released the fantastic ‘Closer to You’ which was a real surprise when it dropped. What is about that particular song made you want to release it as the single?

I fell in love last year and got engaged and I think that that is the most precious biggest decision that I’ll ever make in my life. And I wanted to celebrate that and this felt like the perfect song to start off this next phase and start up in the next chapter in my story and with my second album.

Your career has seen an incredible was in recent years. Which I guess started with the release of the single ‘Every Little Thing’. Would you say that song changed your life?

Oh my gosh yes. Completely overnight. I’ve always heard about those stories of one song changing everything and I experienced it with that song and that will forever be one of the most amazing roller coaster rides that I will ever live on. It’s just to think about that song and how much pain went into writing that song easy. How much good has come out of it is crazy.

Now we have you here in the UK, we don’t want to let you go. So on that basis would you envisage heading back to these shores any time in the future?

I would love to. I definitely want to come back and do my own kind of headlining tour yeah.

Any loose plans?

Not yet but I promise I’ll be back.

We’ll hold you to that!

As an artist you’ve been through some tough times in your career. What advice would you give to those artists and find in the industry a tough place to be in today.

I think you have to continually remind yourself that it’s a journey and that everything happens for a reason. And things that don’t work out sometimes are meant to not work and it’s protecting you. And I think you have to continually keep the faith and understand that if you stay true to you it’ll work out.

And to finish what can we expect from Carly Pearce as we move forward in 2019?

I’m gonna be out with Jason Aldean and Kane Brown on the ‘Ride All Night’ tour all year in the US. I’m going to be married which is crazy and putting out my second record which I’m really really proud of and just really excited for people to hear this evolution that’s happened to me all because of country music fans.

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