Interview with Jade Helliwell at the Country 2 Country Festival

It’s amazing to speak to you again. To start, tell us what it means to be back at the C2C festival?

So, this is the first time I’ve ever been booked to come and play. The first time I came was the result of winning the Yamaha Hoedown Competition. It really is a big deal for me to get invited to come and play a festival that I’ve be coming to for years to watch everybody else on the stage.

As an artist who must be an incredible weekend mingling with some of the best the country music has to offer. Who are you excited about seeing yourself this weekend?

So many. Last night I went to the arena and saw Cam that was really good to see with the full band. I want to See Raelynn. Mostly girls really, I’m big on like female vocalist so. I want to catch the Adelaides set today as well So. Yeah. Some females.

Your career has seen an incredible rise in the last two or three years. With regular awards coming your way releasing a pair of fantastic EPs, an Australian tour and THAT viral video. You must take great pride in your success in this time?

I’ve been working at it for a long time really. But things have started to take off in the last two or three years. It’s really nice to start playing the shows I’ve been wanting to play for so long. It’s all Really exciting and hopefully it will continue!

Your latest single ‘Stormchaser’ which was released yesterday is amazing. What can you tell us about the song?

So the song was written last year on my trip to Nashville with Luke Thomas and Jason Tucker. Jason already started this idea with a songwriter named Daisy Davis. It’s about chasing a storm like you would chase the guy who is bad for you I loved the idea. So that’s what the songs about, w When you know something’s wrong we just keep heading towards it. Like. Over and over again.


It seems that many artists in the industry are moving towards releasing more singles. And you personally released both ‘Drive’ and ‘Storm Chaser’. Is this something you’ll continue to do, or will be there be an EP or even an album in the future?

So I’m not too sure about an EP or even an album just yet. At the minute I want to keep releasing singles and that way I’m constantly getting new music out to people, rather than having to wait a year or something.

You recently toured Australia as part of the Buckle and Boots tour. Describe that experience?

It was really good. Yeah. A lot warmer than it is here!. Yeah it’s really good. We saw different parts of Australia – I’d never been to Australia before so that was good to see. Aside from the shows. And then we got to play so many different shows across like the Gold Coast and we played at Tamworth country music festival. It was really good to see like what country music seems like in another country as well. Yeah it was a really good experience. Hopefully we’ll be able to get back out there at some point.

Was it nice playing with other UK artists and did it feel like a team?

Yeah rather than me playing a set and Kezia playing a set, we sorta built it all into one show, we did duets together, we did songs as a group – and we all got real close together!

We’re delighted that you’ll be headlining our show in April in Manchester, Belles and Gals first ever gig in the city. We hear Manchester gigs can be pretty special?

Yeah, I love playing in Manchester and the people who go to the gigs are really into their live music.And I’ve not played a headline show in Manchester probably in like a year now.

We feature many artists on Belles and Gals who are literally just starting out on their music journey which can be a tough time. What advice would you give to someone just starting out?

I’d say just try and get out and play as much as you can. Even if it’s just turning up and paying one song, it’s still a chance to showcase your music. And meet as many people as you can as well. Speak to people at gigs. Fans, people like yourself who are interviewing – get your face everywhere.


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