Introducing UK Artist Sabine

Originally hailing from Milton Keynes, Sabine is a singer/songwriter now living in Oxford and with her first single ” Love Is Not Enough” due out very soon what better time to introduce her to you?
This upcoming release is a heartfelt ballad written from personal experience, something she shared with me over a coffee in Nashville ( coincidentally we were both in Music City last week!). I love everything about it having been privy to a sneak preview, and I can’t wait to see what else Sabine has to offer on her forthcoming EP.
Find out more about this talented lady in my email interview with her, and of course keep an eye on the site for further news!

1. LH As always, I like to set the scene by asking where you are as you’re replying to my questions……
SABINE I am sat in a café in Witney, having just returned home from Nashville.

2. LH How did a singer/songwriter from Buckinghamshire become a fan of country music?
SABINE Growing up I was introduced to all sorts of music, from classical to country. As a young teenager I was in a girls choir and we got the opportunity to sing backing vocals for a UK country artist, I absolutely loved it and this really sparked my love for country music.

3 LH Are you from a musical family? Were you encouraged to take any music lessons while growing up?
SABINE I’m not from a particularly musical family, but some members have sung in choirs and amateur operatic societies. I played some piano and violin growing up, but didn’t like the restriction of the exam syllabus, I just wanted to do my own thing! With singing, I started singing lessons at aged 8 and this was the one I stuck with and loved the most.

4.LH When did you start songwriting and can you talk me through your typical songwriting process (if you have one! )
SABINE It all stemmed from writing stories as a child really, I always had a notebook and would write down stories, especially on long car journeys! This gradually turned into songwriting, something I did just for myself. For me, melody always comes first. The type of melody will then determine the mood of the song and may well be joined up with other melodies that have been sitting around in my voice memo log waiting to be used! Then comes the real storytelling, ensuring that the lyrics work and that there is a clear narrative that progresses within the song.

5. LH Who do you look up to when it comes to writers……..maybe there’s someone you dream of collaborating with one day?
SABINE Outside of the country music genre I very much look up to Joan Armatrading and within the country music scene it would have to be Beth Nielson Chapman and also Nicolle Galyon; she co-wrote Tequila by Dan + Shay and I think I listened this song pretty much every day last year driving to work! I would love to write with any of the above!

6 LH Your debut single ‘Love is Not Enough’ will be out soon…. What can you tell me about this please? And how can it be pre-ordered?
SABINE It’s a Contemporary Country-Pop ballad, with lyrics that I think people will be able to relate to. It comes out on April 12th and can be pre-ordered now from Amazon and iTunes.

7 LH Are you looking to follow up the single with an album or EP in the near future? And are there any gigs upcoming?
SABINE Yes, the EP comes out on May 3rd. I’ll be doing an acoustic gig at Sandy’s Bar in Oxford on April 16th, on April 24th I’ll be at Loves Company in London and May 9th at the sofa sessions in Alcester at The Royal Oak.

8.LH I know you’ve been visiting Nashville recently and also attended a songwriting retreat there last October. What did those experiences teach you?
SABINE The songwriting retreat was a real break through moment for me, it taught me to have me confidence in my abilities and gave me the motivation to record my EP; it also gave me my first go at co-writing. This time round I came over for the Tin Pan Seminar, it’s affirmed for me that first and foremost you have to believe in yourself.

9. LH A fun question to round things off….. you’re hosting a dinner party and can invite three guests from the world of country music [past or present] who would they be and why?
SABINE I’d invite Dan and Shay, they’d bring a lot of fun energy to the party and I’d have to invite Dolly Parton, she’d have so many stories to tell but is really down to earth so I think that would be a good mix.

10.LH How can we keep in touch with your news?
SABINE You can keep right up to date with my news by checking my social media:

LH Thanks you for your time…….I’ll hopefully be at that Oxford gig you mentioned, ready to celebrate your single release!

Interview conducted by Lesley Hastings (

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