Let’s ‘Talk’ about Vic Allen’s Brand New Single

Following the release of her track ‘Keeping Me Up’ last November, Vic Allen has released another incredible single today!

The now London-based artist has been working hard in the studio, writing and recording her latest tune, ‘Talk’.

Co-written with fellow artist Kaity Rae, the song captures the feeling of wanting to reach out to someone after a breakup/argument. The lyrics “I just wanna talk to you, we don’t have to make it about us” express the feeling of just wanting a person back regardless of a messy situation.

This song and its’ lyrics seem to parallel previous single “Keeping Me Up”, where Vic regrets ending a relationship, especially because one of the last lyrics in the song is “I just wanna see you again”. Intentional or not, I think in terms of structure this is both clever and original!

This production contrasts slightly from previous releases, and the upbeat instrumental has more pop elements which gives a solid base to the song. Still, she manages to blend this well with her country roots making it a cohesive track. I’m really enjoying seeing Vic’s sound grow with her as a musician.

Overall I think this in a fun, catchy single which makes us here at Belles and Gals even more excited to see what Vic has in store for the remainder of this year!

You can catch Vic at a variety of shows over Summer, which can be found on her website here: https://www.vicallenmusic.com/

Review written by Megan Roberts (twitter.com/megwritesalot)

You can listen to ‘Talk’ on Spotify now!

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