Premiere of Christina LaRocca’s ‘A Man Like You’

Today, we at Belles and Gals are delighted to be featuring the premiere of ‘A Man Like You’, the upcoming single from Christina LaRocca!

‘A Man Like You’ is the first single from Christina’s upcoming album ‘These Are My Whiskey Dreams’ (out on July 12th) and in the lead up to the album release you can see Christina on the road here in the UK and Europe – here are the dates:

6/4 London, UK – Covent Garden

6/5 Southampton, UK – Sofar Sounds

6/6 Cardiff, UK – Sofar Sounds

6/7 London, UK – Sofar Sounds

6/9 Schattin, DE – Schattiner Kunst und Musikfreude Festival

6/11 Cologne, DE -Kulturcafe Lichtung

6/13 – Amsterdam, NH – Jitterbug Saloon

6/14 Paris, FR – Sofar Sounds

6/16 – Culemborg, NH – byANDRIES

6/20 – Berlin, DE – Thursday Live Series at be’kech

6/21 – Laatzen, DE – Festhalle Freundschaft SofaConcert

6/22 Thyrow Trebbin, Germany – JanzWeitDraußen

6/27 – Geisingen, Deutschland SofaConcert

6/29 – Volkmarode, Braunschweig SofaConcert

Christina LaRocca:

“A Man Like You” is about falling in love while having a life on the road. I’ve always loved traveling, and now touring. I meet a lot of people but I know despite all the folks I meet and the cities I perform in, I know he is the only one for me. The love of my life also spent many years on the road, and the road is how we came together. I moved from NYC to Los Angeles and took the biggest chance of my life to be with him. He still joins me on the road and any chance we ever have to hop in the car and go, we do. I wrote this song not too long after moving to Los Angeles in 2014.

The producer of the song, Andros Rodriguez, melds the east and west coast vibes seemlessly. He also made the move to LA from NYC (although he’s back again), where he was a top engineer & producer at infamous studios like Quad and has worked with some of the biggest names in music. Gene Micofsky on the guitar also brought out the Philly to LA flavor. When I think of a location of where this song might have taken place, there isn’t one. It’s in my heart, it’s in my soul, it’s then, it’s now. It’s north, south and everywhere in between.

‘A Man Like You’ has a wonderful Americana vibe, Christina having a fantastic ability to blend country, soul and a rock sound into a perfect mix. Check out the change of pace three quarters of the way into the song – just when it appears the song might be coming to a close, a whole new dimension is added to the track.

As a fine first glimpse of the upcoming ‘These Are My Whiskey Dreams’ album, we’ve all got a lot to look forward to!

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