Lucy Blu’s ‘Ready to be Lonely’ – Out Today!

’’Ready To Be Lonely” is the third single from Country artist Lucy Blu who has taken the UK scene by the horns this year and doesn’t show signs of letting go anytime soon.

Following on from the success of #1 ‘Only Just Begun’ and the Kacey-Musgraves-channelling ‘Row Your Own,’ ‘Ready To Be Lonely’ shows yet another side to Lucy’s ever growing catalogue of tracks, with a raw and honest message about the process of moving on after a breakup.

It’s a dedication and reminder to everybody going through the same that you can relish in the pain of losing someone, that it’s acceptable to take that time and acknowledge it, and most importantly, that it’s okay to not be okay.”

In addition if you are going through heartbreak and can relate this song, then please help Lucy this Friday by streaming and downloading!!

Download the single here –

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