PREMIERE: Charlotte Mary’s Brand New Track and Video – ‘Man Up’

Manchester-Based Country and Americana artist Charlotte Mary is set to release a brand-new track, ‘Man Up’ this Friday (9th August). The country-rock anthem is a new sound for Charlotte which works incredibly well vocally and lyrically. Airing the mantra of “Just say it how it is” the track is a power anthem for those tired of being used and messed around. Belles and Gals are very excited to premiere the brilliant new track and video below! 

Charlotte has made a name for herself on the Manchester music scene and has since grown into an evolving artist within the UK country genre. With a fanbase growing rapidly alongside the genre’s expansion within the UK, Charlotte is set to lead the path for the genre to hit the mainstream. Alongside, the premiere Belles and Gals caught up with Charlotte to find out more about the track and the video. 

Hi Charlotte, to start with tell us where the idea for the track came from, and why you decided to produce a track which draws influence from rock sounds? 

I’d say this track is a musical rant! Aside from Country music, I love bands like The Ramones, The Understones, Sex Pistols etc and I wanted the sounding of the track to have an attitude so I thought what genre puts that across pretty well? Either Punk or Rock… so we went with the rock sounds, I don’t think my attitude matches up to Sid Vicious though… just yet! Country rock seemed the best vibe to work with. 

The video was directed by Matt Johns and is set in a bar. The tone of the video fits incredibly well with the track. What were your aims for the video? Were there any funny moments on the set? 

My previous tracks and music videos have been very… cute? I struggle with confidence and I hate seeing myself on video. It’s the same feeling I get when I’m sat in a studio and the producer isolates my vocals… get me out of there! However, recently I have had a major turn around and I’ve learnt to not doubting myself and be proud of who I am and what I’ve achieved. This track is about the guys who messed me about! So, the aim of the video is to show what they’re missing and I am a Strong independent woman who don’t need no man! 

The funniest moment on set is where you see us sat in the green room with playing cards and poker chips. Some of the band had never played poker before, so when you see me in the clips, I’m actually explaining to my drummer how to play Fish, that’s the only card game I know! Also, we had to ‘pretend talk’ so we discussed the worst dates we’d been on… some prayers were made that day! 

You say you are a straight-talking girl who does not take any nonsense. How does this shape your songwriting and your attitude towards the industry? 

Anything I write, is something I’ve experienced myself or I have witnessed. I really struggle to write in the 3rd person, I wish I could because I’d probably write a lot quicker but I find personal stories easier to write about! My songwriting is fuelled when I’m angry or someone has angered me. If I’m having a great day and feeling on top of the world… I write utter nonsense and hate it. It’s got to the point where I ring up my friends to start arguments, so that I’ve got content to write about! Disclaimer: I am genuinely a lovely person! 

I’d like to think I’m good with accepting criticism… if it’s said constructively. I always learn from mistakes and I think that is what makes you a better writer. I know a lot of musicians through live performances and the one thing that flags up is that there’s a lot of competition out there but you need to support each other. A minority of musicians live in a world of ‘I am better than you’ and it saddens me that this is the case. It’s hard enough for musicians to break the industry, so let’s stick together and break it together! 

You’re navigating your way through the live music scene very quickly. Are there any upcoming opportunities for people to see you at a show?

This month I am travelling over to America to play at my best friend’s wedding in South Carolina! but I will be back playing The Whiskey Jar in NQ, 17th September! Free entry and it always has a fab line up of musicians. You can keep up to date with all my gig entries on and BandsInTown – Charlotte Mary. 

Finally, where can people keep in touch with you and your music? 






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