Hannah May Allison Talks New Single ‘Summer Sucks’

US rising country artist Hannah May Allison last month shared her brilliant new single ‘Summer Sucks’. The track was featured on multiple country music websites and Hannah even got to perform the single on the Today In Nashville show!

Here we chat exclusively to the Californian crossover hitmaker to discuss the track:

Congratulations on the release of ‘Summer Sucks’, how have you found the reaction so far?

The reaction has been great so far! I feel like every single I’ve released has helped me build as an artist, and it’s so awesome to see that progression. Whether it be finding new fans or getting attention from new bloggers, it’s been exciting seeing the growth that I’ve made!  

How excited are you that your new single ‘Summer Sucks’ is out in the world?

I’ve been excited to release this song since I wrote it at the end of last year! I thought it would be cool to put out an “anti” summer single since there are so many happy/upbeat songs coming out this time of year. Also, the whole photoshoot was inspired by a picture I found on Pinterest of this girl in the ’70s sitting on the rails of a pool. Everything about the single and the release just came together really nicely.

You recently performed the song on The Today in Nashville Show, what was that like?

Playing the Today in Nashville Show was so much fun! It was the first time I had ever played live on TV, so I was a little nervous beforehand, but once we started playing we all had so much fun. I have an awesome band and I had Casey Cattie, (one of my best friends/co-writers on “Summer Sucks”) do background vocals for me, which was a blast.

How did the performance slot come about?

I’ve had a few friends who have played before and passed along the booking info to me. I played the day before the release of “Summer Sucks”, so the timing of the performance worked out perfectly.

What are you hoping the listeners take away from the track?

The song is basically about a girl who is going through a summer break up and how hard it is for her to enjoy the rest of her summer without being reminded of who she used to share it with. I think the song is really relatable because so many people go through seasonal break-ups. Whether it be Christmas or summertime, it can make it even harder to get over your ex when it’s during a happy time of year.

What was the recording process like for this single?

My producer Ken Baumann has produced all 3 of my last singles and makes the process feel easy. I usually give him a work tape of the song and any song references or ideas I have with it. He works on the track and then I come in and sing vocals. I think it’s super important to find a producer who you work well with and understands your sound because you save a lot of time and money that way. When I first heard “Summer Sucks”, I was so excited to hear everything I envisioned for the track.

What was the main inspiration behind ‘Summer Sucks’?

My co-writer Lauren McLamb came in with the idea, and right off the bat, I thought the song was going to lean more light-hearted and funny with a title like that. When we started writing, we realized the song wanted to go a different direction, which as a songwriter is really cool to end up with something you weren’t expecting!

Can we expect to have a music video soon?

I’m going to officially announce this very soon, but yes! There is a music video in the works! I can’t say much about the video yet, but I am very excited about it!

Along with releasing new music, what else can we expect from you this year?

I’ve devoted a ton of my time this year releasing new music and connecting with my fans online. I would really love to start touring soon and think that’s the next step for me. I’m going to start planning out a tour and start getting on the road towards the end of the year!

Do you have any plans to make it over to the UK soon?

I don’t have any plans yet, but I would absolutely love to come over to the UK in the near future. The presence of Country music in the UK is something I didn’t even realize until I started releasing singles, and it’s so amazing. I’ve gained a lot of fans in the UK and they are some of the sweetest and loyal fans I have!

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