Alison Elena opens her heart in her latest single “Break It”  

Alison Elena

Alison Elena’s latest single is one more step in the music journey for this up-and-coming country-pop singer/songwriter. Alison Elena has been singing and performing since she was just six years old and began writing her first tracks at the tender age of 14. In 2014 she featured as a contestant on season 14 of FOX’s hit TV show, American Idol. Following this appearance, she hit the road with her band, moving to Nashville just one year later.  

Now a member of the Nashville songwriting community for five years, Alison released her self-titled EP in 2018 and her last single Practice released in October 2019 cited influences such as Martina McBrideCarrie Underwood and Sara Evans.  

Break It – Alison’s new single is a much more stripped back track allowing us to really hear her honeytoned vocals and emotive delivery of a dark reflective song about how we let our hearts rules our heads in relationships, where you know it wont last and you’re going to get hurt and yet we willingly put ourselves into harm’s way for the ecstasy of being in that moment when its working. Alison says she wrote this song with a circular friendship in mind, but the same principles can so easily translate to a romantic situation.  

Co-written alongside Delaney Grant and produced by Zach Manno the opening note on the fiddle leads to gentle picking style on the acoustic guitar giving a melancholy feel reminiscent of the early The Chicks ballads. The production holds this vibe until building the track at the second verse with drums and cymbals, stepping up the urgency and desperation of the lyrics as the story repeats itself, with the singer allowing her heart to step on the same old merry go round only to end in disappointment.  

I can’t hate you; you know I’d love to 
I’ve got no reason 
You’ve been honest told me straight up
But I won’t believe it 

Holding on to what could’ve been 
and what I still think we should’ve been 

Alison is currently working on several singles to be released in 2021 but to make sure you do not miss any live streams and video releases be sure to check out her socials and follow this young gun’s story. If you haven’t already, do check out her EP tracks as well to give you a real taste of the potential of this young artist.  



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