Vic Allen Releases New Single ‘Ghost Town’!

Vic Allen has released a brand new single today.

The highly-anticipated studio version of Ghost Town has been a fan-favourite since Vic began playing it at gigs some time ago.

I personally love hearing this track live, so was eager to hear how the song had been recorded. I am super impressed with its’ growth from a solo acoustic guitar into a fully-produced track!

The lyrics are a solid foundation for the pop-country instrumental. The metaphor of a relationship that once seemed like a vibrant city escalating into nothing but a ‘Ghost Town’, paints a visual story in your mind as a listener.

“I’ve never felt so lost in a familiar place // drowning in neon colour all I see is grey” – This imagery in this lyric alone is breathtaking, and is one of many lines that show Vic’s sophisticated creative writing skills.

The production is haunting at parts (excuse the pun!) and echoes – mirroring the exact atmospheric feeling you receive from the lyrics.

Overall, I absolutely love Ghost Town! It expresses Vic’s lyrical talents and is bound to be a success.

You can listen to Ghost Town on streaming platforms now!

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