Interview with Kira Mac

Hi Kira! How are you doing? We first featured you on Belles and Gals when you released your brilliant first single ‘Storm on the Horizon’. Tell us all about the song!

Hi Nick thanks so much for having me! Storm on the horizon was the fastest song I wrote, I sat down with an idea in my mind, worked through a few chord sequences then I put down the lyrics, I had a story in mind and an idea that I wanted to put across so I enjoyed writing in and making it come to life.

You made a guest appearance at Belles and Gals first ever live gig and it’s been onwards and upwards since then. You played at Buckles and Boots a couple of weeks ago – how was that as an experience?

Buckles and Boots was insane, I love it so much! Honestly my first main stage experience and it makes me appreciate how great the fans are and everyone that supports and appreciates what we do as artists and it was just a blast! It makes me more hungry for it every time I get on stage.

You also recently made a trip to Nashville! Was it everything you expected it to be?

Nashville was so amazing! Everything that say is true, but it’s definitely an eye opener into the music industry as a whole, it really is music city though, it’s a dream, I’ll be going back very soon.

I recently saw you perform at the Bluebird Sessions in Essex and I was blown away by your voice. Where did the voice come from?!

The bluebird sessions in Essex was my first ever round that was so fun and I just absorbed all the songwriting wisdom I could – my voice has always been there from being a little girl.

Tell us a little about how you got started in singing?

My family are all musical and they all sing so I can’t remember not singing, then I got my guitar and started to write and really found my voice and what I could do, but I’m always learning and always looking to get better.

And which artists have influenced you in your career so far?

The main artists that have influenced me, that’s so hard haha Fleetwood Mac is my favourite band and Stevie Nicks is my hero, I love her, my dad used to play her albums in the car when I was little and they stuck with me, how she was on stage everything she wore I wanted to be like that, but in terms of the country scene my biggest influences musically would be Jason Aldean. I think that’s where the country rock comes from for me and obviously Miranda Lambert’s songwriting style – I love that she writes from experiences and she’s so sincere.

If you could play a dream gig, where would you be playing and which artist would you like to duet with?

If I could play one venue, it would either be Red Rock Colorado with Jason Aldean or Madison Square Garden with Stevie Nicks.

Tell us about your plans for the rest of the summer and for the latter parts of 2017?

This year I’ve got some big plans in the pipe line, there’s talk of a tour happening at the moment and I’m writing to release a new single, there’s lots going on keep a look out for all the good stuff we’ve got coming up!

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