Laine Lonero Discusses her Debut Single ‘No Sweat’

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Hailing from The Pelican State of Louisiana, Laine Lonero is fast making an impact on the country music scene, with powerhouse vocals and a catchy pop-country sound, she’s sure to pave the way for generation Z artists to follow. I have no doubt this girl is on the path to success if this single is anything to go by. With it’s upbeat country-pop vibe, and lyrics I think we can all relate to she’s certainly making an impact. We were lucky enough to catch up with Laine ahead of the singles release to find out a bit about her and her new track. At just 17 y/o her debut single ‘No Sweat’ is due for release September 18th. Pre save here

SM: You’ve got incredible vocal control, tell us a bit about your journey from the world of musical theatre and opera in to country?

LL: I actually started singing when I was 6 at the local college community music school. I had a great teacher and she was an opera singer which was what I was originally doing.  I was a soprano then and would sing in multiple languages and had no idea what I was saying. At 9 I began doing musical theater which I still love doing to this day.  I got to do my dream role which was play “Annie” and I even won the Freddie G award “Excellent Individual Performance by a Female” in Atlanta at the Junior Theater Festival for my role as “Rafiki” in Lion King. As the years went by my voice became deeper and more soulful. I can still do roles as a “mezzo soprano” so I am good with that.  At 9 I also started singing the National Anthem which I still love doing.  I surprised my mom saying that I wanted to audition to sing for a local baseball team in New Orleans. I went and got it and have been doing it ever since for multiple organizations. In the last few years I have gained an appreciation for country music. I love the vibe of country and the stories behind the songs.  I am really picky about music, but when I like something I know it and you will know it as well.

SM: You’ve already got such an incredible following, tell us a little bit about your journey this far?

LL: I guess I started developing a following when I started posting the National Anthem performances and recording with KidzBop. KidzBop was my first real recording experience. After the first time I was asked to go back and do it again. I really enjoyed recording and started talking to my mom about writing. My mom talked with some people in Nashville and I started working with them and learning how to put together what I already had jotted down and in my head. I co-wrote my first song ”Throwin Shade” in 2016 with Will Rambeaux and Sherrie Austin. I learned so much from them about the process. I continued writing and started doing some gigs. I even had a great band at one point, but everyone ended up going their own way. It was fun while it lasted though. Since then I have co-written about 14 songs.  This is my first big release. I am so lucky to have parents that support me in my journey.

SM: What an incredible entrance on to the scene with your debut ‘No Sweat’! What was it that you wanted to portray in this initial single?

LL: Thanks so much for saying that! This song actually represents how I look at relationships these days. The mentality of the disposable, non-committal style of dating due to social media. It seems that people have access to everyone on social media and there is no loyalty. I tell people that I should have come on to this earth sooner because I am just not that person. I am as loyal as they come whether it be in relationships or friendships.  

SM: Tell us a little about the writing process?

LL: To tell you the truth I often work out the melody and the tune in the shower. My mom will text me asking what I am doing because it is usually so loud even from upstairs. I always write about a situation in my life whether it be about a friend or myself and I write lines down in my phone and keep adding.   

SM: How was it working with David Spencer to produce this single? 

LL: I love working with David Spencer. We have actually worked on 3 projects together. It just seems to gel with us. He is a perfectionist and really looks to get the best song and best recording out of me. Matt McVaney also worked with us on this one and he was so much fun.

SM: How have you been finding your creativity during this pandemic and what artist have helped inspire you? 

LL: It’s crazy, but I was actually busier during the pandemic. We were doing virtual school and I have never worked so hard in my life. I had originally planned to release earlier this year and would definitely have not intentionally filmed the music video in 100-degree heat. Not sure if you are familiar with Louisiana, but it’s really hot and humid. Right when we were looking to start working the release and scheduling the music video my mom was diagnosed with breast cancer and Covid happened. We jumped right back in though.  My mom is a worker and right after she finished her radiation she got right back into things full swing. We had a blast filming the music video and Lexy Burke (Films by Lex) came in from Nashville and we filmed the whole thing at my school.  Not only was it hot outside during filming but the air went out 2 days before that. Not exactly perfect conditions for hair.  

I have recently started doing something called “Live from the Loft” at home on Thursdays.

Laine Lonero Portrait

SM: As this is your debut release, here some quick fire questions so that we can find out more about you!

Dream collaboration or duet?

LL: I have always been a fan of the sad ballad.  I would love to get to write with Noah Cyrus. Maybe Kasey Musgraves as a duet.  

SM: Favourite Animal?

LL: Elephant

SM: Favourite Music Venue?

LL: I loved getting to play at the Listening Room in Nashville. I would love to one day get to play at the Opry or the Ryman though. We can all dream.

SM: Favourite TV show?

LL: Vampire Diaries

SM: Go to takeout?

LL: Takeout

SM: Dream country to play (once this madness is all over)?

LL: Maybe Italy because I am Italian and my parents always talk about going.

SM: If you had to pick between songwriting or performing, what would you choose?

LL: Performing – I am my happiest when singing.

SM: Favourite artist or band?

LL: If we are talking country, right now Morgan Wallen is definitely at the top of my list. 

SM: Do you have a party trick and what is it?

LL: Considering my mom just started letting me go to parties in my junior year I really can’t say that I do. Lol!

You can find out more about Laine by following the links below to her socials:




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