Halle Kearns Releases New Single “I Drink Whiskey”

While I assume Halle is still riding high on the back of her well-received debut single “Pick Me Up” (read our review here https://www.bellesandgals.com/2020/08/30/halle-kearns-pick-me-up/), last Friday saw her releasing the follow up, ” I Drink Whiskey'” . It’s a smart move from the rising Nashville-based artist, as while her debut garnered over 100,000 total streams within the first four weeks and was also chosen as song of the week by stations including Radio Disney Country and UK’s Country Hits Radio, people have notoriously short memories and a second single will help keep Halle’s name at the forefront of their minds ahead of her upcoming EP which will feature both tracks…..more news about that to come as soon as we have details!
Co-written by Halle, Palmer Anthony and Buddy Wright, with production by Stephan Sharp, once again this exciting artist has come up with an insanely catchy, uptempo song. Its driving beat kicks in immediately and gets your toes tapping, the arrangement cleverly blending traditional country and contemporary instrumentation. Halle’s vocals impress throughout, she can pull things back and bring things down to practically conversational level before suddenly exploding with fantastic energy, demonstrating great control and emotional expression. The song is addressed to her partner, to whom she explains that there are specific times and places she chooses to drink certain alcoholic drinks…… and she paints great pictures while doing so, just as a good country song should do. But when it comes to selecting whiskey as her tipple, he is the cause as we find out in the chorus ….. ” Boy you know I love you but you drive me crazy” she tells him, continuing ” you light a fire in every part of me “….. good old Tennessee whiskey is the only thing that saves her. However, in the middle eight she freely admits that the situation may sometimes be flipped and it may well be HER driving HIM mad at times!
Yes, this is another fun track which I am sure will particularly resonate with the younger crowd who I would imagine are her target demographic. I’ll be interested to hear a different side of Halle, maybe a ballad, next time….let’s see what she comes up with!

Stream/Download ” I Drink Whiskey” here https://cmdshft.ffm.to/idrinkwhiskey
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Article written by Lesley Hastings (twitter.com/lesleyhastings)
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