Becky Lawrence – Empty Friendships Premiere

Empty Friendships, the new single from Becky Lawrence, was released on Friday and today we are delighted to feature the video premiere of the song!

The track was written with long time collaborator David Griffin and it was something of a shock when it suddenly appeared on Friday. The origins of the song came earlier, when Becky was doing a songwriting session with Charlotte Young, when Becky said “sometimes you feel you go through life with some empty friendships”, which they agreed would make a great title for a song.

Empty Friedships is a ballad to die for, with acoustic guitar, drums and slide guitar all playing a perfect complement to Becky’s standout vocals. The accompanying video, shot entirely in black and white adds another layer of atmosphere to this standout track.

Becky Lawrence:

“It’s a song that I think most people can relate to. As you go through life, you start to realise who those true friends are and the ones that, unfortunately, you have to say goodbye to”.


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