Twinnie – The Lexington – Wednesday 17th April Review

I had been excited about Twinnie’s first headline show since it’s announcement, but this was extremely heightened when I saw her performance at C2C on the All Bar One stage. This performance made it a no-brainer that i’d be attending her first headline show. My only question was ‘how is she going to top that All Bar One performance?’

Opening the evening at The Lexington was the beautiful Liverpudlian Laura Oakes, with a very chilled and laid back set. With her delicate stage presence, Laura’s personality shone through in her old-style, intricate songs. Debuting a hand full of new songs, Laura opened the show in a perfect manner, and gave us an insight into what is coming up for this mightily talented red head.

Quite a contrast to Oakes’ set was the main act of the evening, Twinnie. With a literal dive of passion and power to the stage, Twinnie immediately put her stamp on the stage and in fact the Lexington. This building was her’s tonight. Opening with ‘Type of Girl’ from the her recently released EP, Twinnie was instantly relatable mirroring the song she was opening with. ‘Type of Girl’ is actually my favourite song of the EP, so obviously I was already having a ball! She certainly made the most of the limited amount of space on The Lexington stage, showing off her flirty dance moves, and teasing the audience during songs such as ‘Bad Bitch’, ‘Social Babies’ and ‘Better When I’m Drunk’. Twinnie’s energy is genuinely quite astounding, although she would joke at how unfit she was after prancing around for a straight 3 minutes, I was exhausted just watching her. Twinnie’s rapport with the audience was heart-warming, she didn’t hesitate at all in between songs, to snap a quick joke, or say something that she probably shouldn’t, or in her own words ‘verbal diarrhoea’, again being insanely relatable. The fillers in between songs, in my opinion, is usually what makes the disparity between a ‘good show’ and an ‘excellent show’. It makes a gig more than just a bunch of songs, it gives us a chance to learn about the artist and get to know them a little.

Another point in the hour long set that Twinnie really let us in her to soul, was in the acoustic section. In fact this was one of my highlights of the entire show. Not that Twinnie didn’t have time to show off her voice throughout, but whoa(!) did she get the chance now!? ‘Lie To Me’ is one of my favourite songs of her’s and gives me goosebumps every time she sings it anyway, but with a crowd so silenced for Twinnie and only Twinnie, this song had so much more of an impact. Her vocal was incredible, as always, but with such an appreciative crowd, it became so much more emotional and respected. I truly hope this song is re-released on her future album. Another emotional point in the show Twinnie’s ‘so called’ encore song, although she stated that she’s not going to go on and off the stage ‘as she’s not playing Wembley’ to which someone in the crowd responded ‘YET!’, that I’m certainly not going to argue with. Her encore song was ‘The Show’ dedicated to her mum. Introducing her theatre background, this song explains the agenda of a show night. This was potentially the most emotional moment of the night, as we saw Twinnie completely lose herself in the love she was shown and had to give.

Twinnie Lee Moore genuinely put on a breath-taking first headline show. She really is the true meaning of a triple threat and somehow incorporates it into a music concert, high kicks and the lot. I truly feel she is one of the most relatable characters in the UK Country scene, meanwhile perhaps being one of the front runners. I will be running to get tickets for her next show, which happens to be the UK leg of the ‘CMT Next Women of Country Tour’ with Cassadee Pope and Logan Brill. Things continue to get bigger for Twinnie and she continues to blow us away. Keep a look out, big things are coming for this superstar.

Review written by Shannon Hynes (


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