Halle Kearns ‘Pick Me Up’

Halle Kearns has entered the Country Music scene with a bang. Her debut single ‘Pick Me Up’ is that summer tune we all want turned up with the windows down cruising along a country road, and now with her music video we can really immerse ourselves in that freeing summer spirit we all really need.

Her track tells the story of the Monday-Friday, 9-5 grind and finally being able to truly let your hair down at the end of the week. Drink in hand, sassy outfit at the ready and a bucket load of clever lyricism, Halle has created a seriously fun video to accompany her single. This girl looks like a complete natural in front of the camera.

The videos simplicity is exactly why it works so well. There’s nothing fancy or complicated required in having fun. The post edit effects give it that vintage vibe and really polishes off the video. Already nearing 2,000 views within a few days of it’s premiere, this video optimises everything we need in the world right now.

This is such a fun and cheeky track it’s evident that Halle has a big future ahead of her. Hit the link below to check out the video yourself.

Review written by Samantha Melrose (twitter.com/smelrose93)

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