Interview with Carter Faith

Carter Faith is a rising country artist who combines the lyricism and perspectives of Taylor Swift with the honesty of Kacey Musgraves. Hailing from Davidson, North Carolina but now making tracks within the Nashville industry, faith is quickly developing a talent and skill for songwriting whilst honing her vocal talents. Although her career is in its infancy,  she has already shared the stage with artist such as Raelynn and Jimmy Robbins. 

We caught up with Carter to discuss her musical journey, as well as her debut single ‘Leaving Tennessee’. 

LiamHi Carter! Thank you for talking to us. To start with, tell us a little about your musical journey and what you love about the country genre.

Carter: Hi! Thank you so much for talking to ME! I have always loved music but it wasn’t until middle school when I started learning how to play guitar and piano. Eventually I started writing songs right around my 16th birthday. I have always loved country music, it is what I grew up listening to and it feels like home for me. I just love the storytelling that comes with the genre. One of my earliest memories is playing country music cassettes with my grandpa in his car.

LLYour songwriting talents have been recognised through an ASCAP sponsored event, as well as your appearance at high profile venues such as the Bluebird Café and the Listening Room Café. How do you begin the songwriting process and where do you take your inspirations from?

CF: I started writing at 16 and it was because a boy broke my heart, LOL, typical right? I have always been an emotional person who feels things really hard, which is why I started writing. Writing a song was the only way I felt I could express my emotions effectively, and it still is. So, all that to say, I always start a song with a feeling that I want to express and really just figure it out from there. I take inspiration from everyday life, someone once told me that when you have writer’s block, you need to go out and live a little more. 

LLYour move to Nashville was a pivotal step forward in your career. How does being an artist in Nashville provide an opportunity for you to advance your career and your musical skills?

CF: Yes, moving to Nashville was for sure the biggest step forward for me. Being in Nashville is so amazing, because I get to write every day, see shows any night of the week, and be in the center of music city. I feel so much inspiration just driving down Music Row and being in Nashville.  

LLYour single ‘Leaving Tennessee’ is a brilliant track and a wonderful ode to the country music capital of the world. It is clear that you find a deep sense of joy and artistic inspiration from being surrounded by the history and musical legacy associated with the state. What do you think makes the state so special and how did it inspire your track?

CF: Thank you so much! Moving to Nashville changed my life and I am so grateful for that. I feel like Nashville is my second home, everyone here that is in the music world has a common love for music and I just love that creative energy. I feel at peace here in Nashville and that definitely inspired the track!

LLYour accompanying video for the track premiered on CMT! It’s wonderfully produced and captures the feel of the track perfectly. What was your aim for the video and how does it feel to gain a CMT premiere?

CF: Yes, that was soooo exciting! The Running Bear Film team is so talented and easy to work with, it was such a fun process. Our aim for the video was to take the song and put it in a nostalgic, dream-like setting. We wanted to keep it simple but still tell a story. Gaining a CMT premiere was the best feeling, I remember watching the CMT countdown every weekend growing up and it was just surreal to have the people at CMT believe in me like that.

LLIf you could collaborate with an artist on one of your tracks (writing or performance) who would you choose and why?

CF: I think I would collaborate with Eric Church, I am a huuuge fan of his. I love every track he puts out and think he is one of the best songwriters of our time. He has always been a huge inspiration to me and is a fellow North Carolinian!  

LLHas the pandemic had an effect on your creativity or have you found new and interesting ways to develop yourself as an artist?

CF: Both, for sure. I’ve been writing on my own a lot and am feeling a lot of inspiration but at the beginning of quarantine I definitely felt like I was in a rut. Lately, I have felt so much more creative than I have in a long time though. 🙂

LLWith a brilliant track already out in the world for all to listen to, what can we expect in the coming months from you?

CF: Thank you so much! More music is definitely in the works, I am really excited to keep creating and developing my sound.

LLAs a slight deviation from music… if you could only visit one country in the world where would you visit and why?

CF: Ooooh, I literally want to go everywhere but Japan is at the top of the list right now. I love the culture of Japan and have definitely never been anywhere like it.

LLWhere can our readers find out more about you and follow your career?

CF: All the socials! @CarterFaithOfficial on Instagram and Facebook, @carterxfaith on Twitter, Carter Faith on Youtube, and on my website –!

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