Moriah Domby Discusses Her New Video For ‘When I Need You the Most’

Moriah Domby is a singer-songwriter hailing from Oregon who now calls Nashville home. She originally came to the attention of Belles and Gals with the release of her 2018 track ‘All Good Till Goodbye’. Her new single ‘When I Need You the Most’ continues to impress with Incredibly honest lyrics and brilliant vocals.

To accompany the release of the new single, Moriah has released a brilliant video which showcases the vulnerability of the track, as well as the songwriting, within a visual format. Belles and Gals were also lucky enough to catch up with Moriah to find out more about the track and video.

Your new track ‘When I Need You The Most’ is incredibly emotional and it’s evident that there is air of vulnerability in the track. Where did the idea for the track come from?

It definitely comes from a really vulnerable place. In the writing room we were talking about how sometimes people who are pretty independent and like to take care of things on their own, often find it harder to ask for what they need from someone else, and it’s easier for their partner to just assume they are ok. So, this song is really saying, even when I have my guard up, don’t run away, lean in instead because that’s when I need you the most.

Songwriting for many is a type of therapy and enables them to reflect on life experience. How do you use the songwriting process to reflect on your life experience?

It is the best therapy! 🙂 I always try to write from a personal place and bring my experiences to the table whether it’s in a room with 4 writers or when I’m writing by myself, there is a piece of me in each song. The story can be about anything really and whether i’ve gone through the exact thing or not, I’ll try to draw on a real emotion or experience I’ve had so that it still feels authentic to me. ‘When I Need You The Most,’ feels the most vulnerable because it’s my story and a big part of my personality.

The video for ‘When I Need You The Most’ features you as the sole focus of the video. This enhances the tone of the track by drawing the audience into your vulnerability. What did you enjoy the most about creating the video and what was your aim for it?

That is exactly what we were hoping for with this video. Since it’s a vulnerable song, we wanted to create a moment and keep it simple. This was mostly shot from my writing room in my house, so that helps keep it comfortable and honest. It’s fun to get to share that part of myself with people too, a song from my own experience, filmed in my house!

When can we expect even more great music from you?

‘When I Need You The Most,’ came out as a single on June 19th, available everywhere, and it will be included on a full EP slated for later this year.

Finally, where can people find you online and do you have any upcoming live shows?

Please come find me on Instagram,, Facebook,, and on my website, where I have all my tour information as well as more video, pictures and contact info!

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