Sarah Louise’s ‘Half Of You’ – Out Today!

Today sees the release of ‘Half Of You‘ from Sarah Louise – a great day to feature the Essex artist for the first time! In the last couple of years Sarah Louise’s name has always been in the mix when it comes to UK country music awards, and she’s ready to start 2023 with a bang with this single release.

The song is a country-pop ballad that opens with searing vocals that immediately grab the attention. Half of You is ignited by a guitar backing that drives into the chorus giving the track a great energy. The song goes back and forth between those emotive moments when there’s a real sentimental warmth to the lyrics and the vocals and those guitar backed bars that make the perfect chorus. The song ends with Sarah Louise almost whispering to the listener – perfectly rounding off the track, a love song about finding that special someone that you can share half of your heart with.

Sarah Louise:

[‘Half of You’ is about] knowing that there is someone out there who completes you and makes you feel like you are home just by looking into their eyes

Half of You was produced by Tim Prottey-Jones

To find out more about Sarah Louise hit up her website below

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