Caylee Hammack Releases New Single, ‘Small Town Hypocrite’

Caylee Hammack has just released her brand new single, Small Town Hypocrite.

The Georgia-born singer/songwriter has released several tracks over the past few months. Each has received an outstanding response, but this personally is a stand-out favourite!
Small Town Hypocrite, as the name suggests, is about two people from the same “one-horse-town” who fell in love. It’s a story of sacrifice gone sour – she gives up her dreams of a scholarship to spend life with her significant other but seemingly lives to regret it.
The track delivers emotively raw and honest lyrics – something you come to expect with Caylee’s songs; as narrative is one of her strongest attributes. One lyric that pulls at my heartstrings in particular is “had me circling rings in a catalogue for seven years and you never got there”. This just demonstrates the blind hope love sometimes brings – she would settle down with him but he just keeps “running around” and admits she “should’ve been running by now”.
Another line that really stuck with me upon first listen was “staring at a picket fence, wondering where the hell time went”. When people usually refer to a ‘white picket fence life’, they mean perfect. However, the way this phrase is used in Small Town Hypocrite makes the listener believe she feels trapped in what others would consider an ideal life.
In terms of sound, Caylee breathes new life into classic country, taking inspiration from legends such as Loretta Lynn and Johnny Cash. The light instrumental gives the narrative a deeper meaning and allows her rich vocals to shine right through.
I initially discovered this song on YouTube a week or so ago before it’s release today. It was a video of a live performance and you could probably hear a pin drop as her voice echoed effortlessly around the room.
This leads me to say that Caylee is playing multiple shows across Country 2 Country weekend. If she isn’t already, she should definitely be on your “to see” list for the festival!
You can listen to Small Town Hypocrite and other tracks from Caylee Hammack over on her Spotify – something I would definitely recommend doing!
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