EXCLUSIVE: Sarah Darling Explains The Truth Behind New Single ‘A Little Bit Of Rain’

Today (May 10th) US Country sweetheart Sarah Darling has shared the fourth official single to be released off her much anticipated upcoming LP ‘Wonderland‘ which drops on June 7th.

The new track ‘A Little Bit Of Rain’ follows on from the inspiring ‘Diamonds’, catchy, summer infused ‘Call Me’, and the empowering ‘Fire’. This heartfelt ballad showcases yet another side to the record from the adopted Brit and confirms that it will be one of the most exciting releases of 2019.

Here we chat exclusively to Sarah Darling to find out the real truth behind ‘A Little Bit Of Rain’:

When you began writing’A Little Bit Of Rain’ where did you look to for inspiration?

Honestly, this song was inspired after the last hurricane came through Florida and made incredible destruction. I was sitting with Jenn Bostic and Michael Logan to co-write and we decided to think of the hurricane metaphorically as a relationship. It was pouring down rain in Tennessee. 

What was the overall writing process like for the track?

All three of us put ourselves in different situations that could occur in a relationship. As though we were messengers getting ready to share a hard truth. I usually bake lots of sweets too while this thought process is occurring.

When you began writing did you start with a melody or the lyrics?

The melody actually came first on this. The words honestly melted into this song so easily. It was meant to write.

Has the meaning of the song changed for you over the years?

It truly has changed. A lot of people I know have lived out the words to this song. It’s heavy and deep and I’m glad we went there in a song. It can happen to the best of people.

What was the main driving force behind writing and recording this track?

It’s a cautionary tale. A true story of how something so small can grow into a big sadness if you let it. It talks about cheating and loneliness at the same time.

How would you sum up the lyrical meaning of the song to new listeners?

It’s what could happen if you don’t address certain situations in your life.

When you started work on ‘A Little Bit Of Rain’, what had been going on in your life to inspire the lyrics?

Nothing too heavy but that’s the great thing about writing. I can put myself there, and share something that could help someone. Most of the time my songs are self therapy!

Production wise what were you looking to convey through the song? 

An Honesty in the track. Nothing overdone, but a simple beautiful Country melody and lyric to tell a sad story.

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