Lisa Redford’s ‘Edge of Love’ EP Today

Today sees the release of ‘Edge of Love’, the fantastic new EP from Belles and Gals favourite Lisa Redford. Lisa is one of the many artists who have been caught up in the Pledge Music scandal – just yesterday the news broke that the company had gone into administration, the very company Lisa had used to raise funds for this EP release. Fortunately for all of us,  the EP has come out today – which Lisa deserves a whole lot of credit for.

The EP starts with ‘Anything But Easy’ which Lisa had already released as a single (check our review here). This is a great opener, which touches on a relationship that started out good, but has gone awry – lyrics such as ‘how something oh-so-good could hurt so bad, we could have had it all’ tell the story of the song. Check out the video below.

The title track ‘Edge of Love’ is next up. This is a touching song about embarking on a relationship – with self doubt and questioning about whether to go ahead. Unusually for a country song, it seems that love wins out in the end. I was a little surprised to see that the song came in at under three minutes, as there seems to be so much depth and meaning within.

Any country fan will immediately love the intro to ‘Let Go’, with a pedal steel permeating the up-tempo sound. This is perhaps the catchiest song on the record, and seems to be a direct response to the emotions and feelings from the opening track – she found the strength to indeed let go. I look forward to hearing this song live – if the audience aren’t clapping along, I’d be absolutely amazed!

‘I Just Can’t Forget’ brings the tempo back down again, and offers an emotional insight into a break up. The singer can’t forget and has trouble letting go, while it seems the other has moved on, perhaps far too quickly. You can imagine Lisa singing this sitting by a window, as the rain runs down outside. This is a lovely track, which really highlights Lisa’s vocals.

‘Alone Tonight’ brings the EP to a close. Once again, the song touches on a past relationship, a relationship which wasn’t right – but has the singer wondering if it’s better to be alone, or with that person. Should she rekindle an old flame? It’s another touching number – ‘a sweeter love I’ve never know, but we’re not meant to be‘.

It was possible that we’d never get to hear ‘Edge of Love’ – but if we hadn’t we’d all have missed out. The EP offers a wonderful collection of songs about love – touching on every aspect, whether it’s excitement and nerves leading up to a relationship, the time within, or the aftermath. ‘Edge of Love’ is emotional throughout and once again, Lisa has firmly cemented herself as one of the leading singer songwriters of our genre. Brilliant.


Review written by Nick Cantwell (

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