Hannah Paris releases ‘Crazy For You’ Duet with Josh Gleaves

Hannah Paris has always been a wonderfully talented artist, be it with song writing or the consistently excellent live performances. Recently though people have noticed her really step it up a notch and her fabulous new single ‘Crazy For You’ written with Josh Gleaves about a crazy love story is further evidence of this.

We’re eased into this feel good country pop duet with Hannah’s soft and gorgeous vocals, quickly joined by Josh Gleaves whose voice compliments Hannah’s wonderfully. I’m a big fan of how the vocal styles of both artists just beautifully blend together throughout the track – pleasantly surprised by how well the duet works on this song. Before we even hit the halfway point of the track we get a great showcase of the excellent vocal depth that Hannah possesses – her voice is fabulous for the storytelling in a song too, as it just conveys the emotion of the lyrics so well and the passion can be felt throughout. The chorus of this track I really liked, the instrumental part just does a wonderful job of accompanying the voices and letting them shine rather than overwhelming them as the song picks up. The gentle and blissful end to the song just rounds it all off wonderfully and gives the whole track a really impressive feel.

If we’re lucky enough to hear this track at live shows I have no doubts at all it’s going to be a big hit.

You can download Belles and Gals managed Hannah Paris’s new single (which is released this Friday!) by clicking the following link:


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Review written by Craig Brooks (twitter.com/swindonforever)

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