Jade Helliwell’s ‘The Moment’ Out Today!

Today sees the release ‘The Moment’, the new single from Jade Helliwell. The song was written alongside Kaity Rae, and describes the story of torment over the fear of missing out on love.

Jade Helliwell:

This song is about missing the chance to fall for someone. We explore various scenarios in which you could’ve taken a chance but fear held you back. It’s a ballad that explores the beauty of hindsight and that rush of emotion when you first fall for someone. I can’t wait for people to hear it and hopefully be encouraged to take the leap in their
own lives.

The song opens up with a simple piano and Jade’s standout vocals, setting the ‘date’ scene nicely in those opening lines. It’s late on a warm July night and the singer is being walked home, nervous and messing up her words. Was that ‘the moment’? ‘Did I miss it, did it somehow escape me, did I have the chance, but somehow mess it up for both of us baby‘.

The production builds nicely throughout the song, and in listening you certainly get the movie soundtrack vibe – rising to an epic sound in the middle of the track, the atmospheric and emphatic middle eight, before coming down perfectly at the end of the track back to just Jade and the piano to play out the track.

Jade Helliwell is one of the true stars of the UK country music scene, and ‘The Moment’ only solidifies that status. This needs to be added to every playlist.



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