Zoee Named as Belles and Gals Ambassador!

Today we’re delighted to announce the second of our three new ambassadors – Zoee! Zoee is an artist who we’ve featured regularly at Belles and Gals, and one of only two Australian artists to ever have featured on the site. Zoee now resides in Glasgow, which makes her our first ambassador based north of the border!

Last month we had a chat with Zoee – it’s such an entertaining read and you’ll know by the end of it, that this singer has one of the most vibrant and fun personalities on the scene. We asked Zoee about the country music scene in Scotland and in the wider UK.

“I think the Scottish country music scene, and the British Country Music Scene alike, are fast growing into one of the biggest genres in the country!! Three years ago when I moved to the UK it was such an understated scene, especially as an unsigned artist, but I can see the opportunities to really find a platform are changing by the day with new festivals and promoters in the genre popping up everywhere.

What the lovely Bob Harris and his family are doing and have done for British and Scottish country music scene has been phenomenal…. Bob has been such pioneer and bridge builder for the UK Country Music with his endeavours through BBC Radio 2 particularly and more recently ‘Country 2 Country’ festival, having really roped the scene across the Atlantic in the US with the UK predominantly. He really has opened the doorway for Nashville to the UK I believe and it’s incredible to see the changes and to be on the forefront of such an incredible milestone in history! I am thankful and humbled to be where I am in this point in time and making the music I get to make, and building relationships with so many fantastic people along the way!”

Zoee might have only come to Belles and Gals attention in recent months, but boy, did she grab our attention! When you see the videos as good as the two featured above and check out her music, she has star quality through and through – and from reports, she is even better live! She was an obvious choice to be an ambassador and we’re truly humbled that she said yes!


Belles and Gals are doing so much for the country music scene, and for women in the music industry, and I am so incredibly thankful to be apart of that as their ambassador!! Their passion and dedication for music shines through in everything they do. It’s so amazing to be on the forefront of something so wonderful in this moment in history and music”.

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