Introducing Laci Kaye Booth… Self Titled Debut Release Out Now

Texas is the State that just keeps on giving it seems when it comes to female country artists, and the latest to be brought to my attention is Laci Kaye Booth who has just released her 8-track self-titled debut collection via BMLG records… the same day she was named by radio station SMX The Highway as a “Highway Find” artist.

Now based in Nashville, she will already be a familiar name to many in the US having been thrust into the spotlight on Season 17 of American Idol, where she reached the final 5 and attracted the attention of multiple record labels with her unique sound, her raspy yet velvety alto often resulting in her being dubbed the  “Lana Del Ray of Country” . Through word of mouth in the close-knit Nashville songwriting community she quickly proved herself as a talented writer, too, and became a sough after artist for collaborating… one look at the writing credits on the track listing below should be proof enough, Laci co-writing all the songs alongside established names including Charles Kelley,  Adam Hambrick, Jessie Jo Dillon, Jimmie Robbins and Laura Veltz

Her music has already caught the attention of Bob Harris here in the UK, who gave the track “Heart Of Texas” a spin on his popular BBC country music radio show last week. The beautiful ballad is a remorseful break up song with a difference which of course pays tribute to Laci’s home state. While it was her free spirit which attracted her ex in the first place, it is what ultimately led to them splitting up. “I rode out of his town just like a tumbleweed, I was wild and I was reckless, and broke the heart of Texas“. The accompaniment is absolutely stunning, anyone who knows me will be aware of my love of lashings of steel and strings on a track!

While it’s the closing song of the collection, Laci’s dreamy country sound is showcased from the start on the opener, “Used To You“. Such a beautiful love song about a relationship that has seen better days but an appreciation for the security and stability it brings to her life stops her walking away. Ok, it may not be the most romantic reason to stay, I’m sure you’ll agree, but its lyrics will no doubt be very relatable to many who have seen their relationship evolve over time… “Damn this muscle memory… you’re the road that I know, your name sounds like home… I’m a creature of habit and how could I ever undo the way that I’m used to you?” .
 I must say that the lyrics through the 8 tracks are consistently strong, there’s a lot of deep thinking and reflection evident, no more so than it the incredible “If He Would Have Stayed” which is not the break up song you may think and which we are led to believe initially but actually refers to her father leaving when she was aged three. Whether or not this song has arisen from personal experience it is definitely delivered from Laci’s heart and touches me very deeply with every listen as she wonders if she be any different today had this not happened? One of the most beautiful songs in every respect that I’ve heard in a long time.
 I’ve already mentioned that Laci has co-written with Charles Kelley of Lady A fame, but he also lends his vocals to “Broken Heart Still Beats” adding some extra variety to this collection and I must say I love their voices together!  In this uptempo track addressed to her ex, Laci explains that while things are gradually getting better for her she can still “cry black mascara” but ultimately knows that  “the moving on is better than hanging on” . And from what we hear about the relationship, which had an element of control about it, she is definitely better off now! Its strong beat cleverly mirrors the heart beat in the title.

Laci has just announced that the track “Treasure” will be her new single which she says she hopes will make everyone “get up and dance“, and its strong Latino rhythm will definitely help get your hips moving! It has a positive, gal power message that being dumped isn’t the end of the world, “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure, just like that I went and found somebody better” . Watch the lyric video here

This entire collection, available to stream/download here,  is a great debut from an exciting newcomer to the Country scene, and with Laci’s influences including The Chicks and Merle Haggard she says ” My whole life, I prayed, and I wished for this to happen. In my heart of hearts, this is exactly what I always wanted”. 
Track List:
1. “Used To You” | Laci Kaye Booth, Sam Ellis, Sara Haze                                                                                   
2. “On The Fence” | Laci Kaye Booth, Todd Clark, Sara Haze, Jason Cole Saenz                                         
3. “Treasure” | Laci Kaye Booth, Jessie Jo Dillon, Jimmy Robbins, Laura Veltz                     
4. “Broken Heart Still Beats” (featuring Charles Kelley) | Laci Kaye Booth, Charles Kelley, Paul DiGiovanni, Adam Hambrick                      
5. “Shuffle” | Laci Kaye Booth, Sam Ellis, Derrick Southerland                                                                   
6. “If He Would’ve Stayed” | Laci Kaye Booth, Carlo Colasacco, James Slater                                
7. “Visions” | Laci Kaye Booth, Jamie Kenney                                                                                                    
8. “Heart Of Texas” | Laci Kaye Booth, Nathan Chapman, Emily Fox Landis 
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