Luca Releases new single, ‘Lights, Camera, Action… I’m Fine’

If you’re searching for a new artist to listen to, Luca is an artist who should definitely be hitting your radar. We first came across the artist in the summer of 2018, when we interviewed her after we came across her through a posting by a music lover on social media – read the interview here ( Then in September we had another chat with Luca, as part of an introducing piece on Belles and Gals, based around her brilliant single release ‘Last Orders’ (

Now the Manchester based singer songwriter is back with a brand new single ‘Lights, Camera, Action… I’m Fine’. The song starts with the protagonist of the track finding herself in a crowded room soon after a break up, and feeling it’s too soon with everything feeling too raw. Throughout the song, there’s flashbacks to the relationship in question, and unlike many love songs, there’s a real fondness and regret in that looking back and a wondering if there was a missed chance. The title of the song that comes at the end of the chorus is that ‘putting a brave face on things’ after a relationship has come to an end.

Luca has a wonderful way of feeding emotion into her songs, with an added power in this song with her soaring vocals in the chorus – despite the emotion of the song, there’s almost an optimism in the way she sings the chorus, as to what can be gained in love.

This is a wonderful track that should grace any playlist from an artist who hits the spot every single time.

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