REVIEW: Tally Spear’s ‘Scatterbrain’ Single

Tally Spear Scatterbrain Single Art

Today (Thursday, 12th September) fast-rising alt-pop/country music talent Tally Spear has released her standout new single ‘Scatterbrain’. The release follows on from the success of ‘City Girl’ and sees the singer/songwriter sharing a conversation throughout the lyrics between her conscious and subconscious. The result is an intoxicating heady mix of pop production and country stylistic lyrics that open a narrative. It’s a major standout from Tally Spear and one that sees her straying into the folk world.

It has a funky toe-tapping melodic backdrop that elevates it to exciting new levels and makes it ideal for radio play and crossover success. It also has major Lana Del Rey vibes which means it has that dark edge.

Speaking about the track, Spear says: “Scatterbrain is a song about myself – a pretty fun and honest conversation between  my subconscious and conscious, trying to get to grips with that self-sabotaging part of oneself…”

It really does have an anthemic vibe but it also has that slightly mesmerizing style running through its lyrics and showcases Tally Spear as one of the finest songwriters on the ever-growing country scene right now.

Country music acts are releasing brilliant tracks across the world every day and it can sometimes be hard for an artist to be heard but Tally Spear will never have that issue if she keeps releasing songs of this quality and sonic sound. Of course, it won’t be everyone’s cup of tea but those who do love it will love it for life.

It will no doubt resonate with many fans across the globe meaning it has the potential to become a major chart and viral hit. Spear is definitely an artist to keep your ears open for.


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