Miranda Lambert – Ugly Lights

Tomorrow sees the release of ‘Wildcard’ the new album from Miranda Lambert. In the lead up to the release, we’ve been sharing our favourite songs from the artist – today we feature ‘Ugly Lights’. The song featured on the Texas based country star’s last album release ‘The Weight of These Wings’ and is a personal favourite of mine. Miranda Lambert has a fantastic ability to tell tales that ‘real’ in her songs and ‘Ugly Lights’ is one of her more gritty songs. Lyrics such as ‘I left my car behind the bar again last Sunday night, I did the Monday morning drive of shame, In last nights clothes they smell like smoke, But I don’t know how I got home, But I do know my head will hurt all day‘ – I’m sure we’ve all been there.

One of the best aspects of ‘The Weight of These Wings’ is the way Miranda mixes it up. You have the frivolous ‘Pink Sunglasses’, the hard hitting ‘Vice’, the gritty ‘Ugly Lights’ and the heartbreaking ‘Tin Man’. For a double album, there was never a moment when it ever felt like that it was too long, an album we named ‘Album of the Year’ back at the end of 2016. It wouldn’t be a huge surprise if ‘Wildcard’ repeats the feat.


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