Introducing Simeon Hammond Dallas

There’s actually not much information readily available about this tiny powerhouse of an artist who I came across for the first time recently, but she was so impressive on every level that I felt compelled to share what little I know about her!
First of all listen to “Manic Pixie Dream Girl” from her EP ” Manic Pixie Dreams” released earlier this year, a song inspired by a breakup which tells of how her ex he couldn’t handle the attention both she and her music was attracting as her career took off. “You like me better from afar, you don’t know how to love a burning fire” she sings with such guts and emotion over a beautifully simple acoustic accompaniment, and hopefully you’ll appreciate what drew me to her. Oh and this sounded just as incredible live by the way, thank you Joey Clarkson for inviting her to perform at your album launch!

Simeon hails from Camden, North London, and as you may already have realised her tiny stature belies her strength both vocally and personally! Her musical style blends several genres, as well as country there’s a bit of soul, blues and folk in the mix for sure but they all come together to give a really interesting and unique sound. One of the best vocalists I’ve hear in a very long time, her acoustic guitar playing is fantastic too, including impressive fingerpicking. Lyrically her songs are both descriptive and thought provoking, and it seems are often inspired by personal events. “Wild Women”, for example, another EP track, is an incredible “gal power” write which came to be after her very negative experience of being signed to a record label who’s quest for control even led them to suggesting she changed her name which they considered was too long!

Simeon will have new music out in 2020, including what I assume is her most personal song to date, “Eat”, and we will bring you more news regarding this and upcoming live dates as soon as we have them… her versatility sees her playing full band sets or as a trio (with drums and bass) as well as solo.
Meanwhile, check out her website which of course includes links to all her socials, and her EP is available to stream/download wherever you normally access your music.

Article written by Lesley Hastings (

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