Backwoods Creek – Coulda Been You

Coulda Been You is the brand new single from Backwoods Creek and we’re delighted to feature the wonderful official lyric video above.

First up, let’s talk about the video! It’s simply a brilliant watch, the animation fantastic, a great sense of humour throughout and all action. LR Animations Studio are the masterminds behind this masterpiece – officially it’s a lyric video, but it’s so much more than that, one of the best videos to come out of this genre in the UK full stop!

Now let’s talk about the song. This has got a driving, almost nineties alt-country vibe to it, full of energy from start to finish – immediately I’m thinking I have to see this song played live, as it will blow the doors off a venue. Having been lucky enough to see Backwoods Creek live last year (they played a gig we were associated with last summer), it was already clear that they were one of the leading acts in the UK – with new tracks like this, they can only cement their status nationally and start to make a wider impact.


Backwoods Creek Bio

Heartland, Country, Rock ‘n’ Roll? Call them whatever you want.

From the heart of London, Backwoods Creek bring something to the table most choose to shy away from. Unashamedly ready to make you sing, laugh and cry; equipped with an attitude beyond their years, this quintet are picking up the broken pieces of the world and mixing them real strong, one show at a time.

Born early 2017, The Creek have been carving out their own, unique path playing multiple sold out shows, huge festivals such as AEG’s prestigious Country2Country and Manchester’s own Buckle & Boots festival, whilst also receiving countless nominations at various UK award shows – going on to win the BCMA “Video of the Year” award for their mid-2018 single – ‘When I Grow up’.


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