Bailey Callahan – Reveals her new “State of Mind” in her latest single

Bailey Callahan album art
At only 19 years old Bailey is well established in Music City having moved to Nashville from Florida straight out of high school. Following her self-titled EP in 2017, Bailey’s songwriting and music has a distinctly more mature sound. Although she says in recent times her writing has become more reflective and darker this new release State of Mind is an upbeat country rock track with an anthemic chorus you can hear the festival crowds would love.

Written with Jared Anderson, Justin Dukes and produced by Robbie Artress, the intro chords and opening lines echo and pay tribute to Sweet Child of Mine by Guns & Roses setting the scene for this electric heavy high speed ode to love in the fast lane.

Bailey says, “The storyline is about falling in love and the clear state of mind where a happy heart can bring you. A churning romance can open the mind and heart to a refreshed point of view. It’s about life’s geography that paves the way to explore exciting roads.” 

The song references feeling like being in the movies, having that chemistry like being a Marilyn to your James Dean. The chorus stating clearly the coastline love story nature of the song and the transformative affect love can have.

Hey, baby, what ‘cha say we
Meet up on that California shoreline, you’re mine
Hey, baby, call me crazy
But you’re making me, making me, making me
Change my state of mind

Quite a contrast from Bailey’s last single but another step in this developing young artist’s journey.

Bailey’s been a prolific performer since her EP release in 2017 and along with her songwriting and new artist awards has performed over 300 dates over three short years. Bailey is now starting to get out and about for social distanced gigs but maybe not with a full band in tow just yet. Her live streams have an acoustic vibe, but this track definitely still stands up.

The rock production of the track is heavy with layered electric guitars, production beats and live drums giving it a high energy almost metal feel. If you are missing the vibe of a live gig with the amps up loud you can certainly get that feeling back again with this track from Bailey and her team.

State of Mind is released on 4th September 2020. 

Review by Ann Kenney (

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