Don’t miss Victoria Rose’s latest single “I Don’t Miss You”

Originally from Pennsylvania, Victoria Rose is now based in Florida but with her sights firming fixed on Nashville. At only 16, Victoria Rose, has been playing, singing and songwriting for a number of years already. Recently relocated to Orlando, Florida she is studying a high school music conservatory program and under artist development with DME Orlando. Her latest single “I Don’t Miss You” released this month follows her singles last year “Yours” and “Digging Your Own Grave”.

Victoria Rose shows us another side to her writing and vocal talent with the latest single with a mid-tempo, wistful and melancholy track reflecting on a past relationship breakdown. The acoustic guitar and drum-based track begins looking back on the relationship, only to realise by the chorus that she no longer misses the old love and has finally moved on. The stripped back vibe is in stark contrast to the fuller production and up-tempo 2020 singles and allows us to fully appreciate Victoria Rose’s crisp twangy vocals.

As the track builds into the second verse adding a bass and lap steel guitar the lyrics become more assertive, understanding that the singer has made the right choice to move on.

We find out more at the bridge about the cold, hard end of the relationship and who gave up on who, with

“The snow fell hard that night, I finally realised, it was over

You turned and walked away

You never looked back and now I know that

I don’t miss you…

But you wanted me to”

Co-written with Caroline and Michael Walker, with the catchy country-pop melodies and lyrics you can feel that an album sound is coming together for Victoria Rose. Playing guitar, piano and ukulele, as well as writing and singing, her collection of forthcoming singles will be something to look forward to. If you haven’t heard Victoria Rose’s music, I recommend giving this a listen as well as the two previous singles. Be sure to check out this up-and-coming new artist and her livestreams coming up this year.



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