‘Standing Me Up’ from Shannon Hynes – Out Now!

Fans of Belles and Gals will know all about Shannon Hynes. Shannon is the host of our regular showcase at the Water Rats in London. Sadly, due to Covid, they haven’t been able to take place for more than a year, however, this week saw a chink of light, so hopefully we can start planning soon and potentially re-launch that event in the autumn.

Back to the present day, and it’s fantastic to see that Shannon has released a new single. It’s something of a new sound for Shannon, with a darker feel to her music, with a more alt-country feel to the track. Lyrically the song pulls no punches, the standout line of the song, ‘Don’t give me this rehearsed bit, you know I’m not the girl who takes this shit‘, the final word a whispered ‘shhh’. And while it is edgier than anything has released before, it’s certainly has a catchy edge to it, while the full country production works a treat.

Shannon Hynes:

Standing Me Up is the first of a batch of new songs that have been bubbling away for a couple of years. Having grown frustrated with aspects of life as well as relationships, I’ve just started writing without any filter“.

Shannon is an artist who is always original and blazes her own trail. This new single sees Shannon add another string to her bow, which will only see her fan base grow. An excellent Friday release and one for all playlists.


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