‘Breathing Fire’ – the new EP from Rosey Cale out today!

Today sees the release of ‘Breathing Fire’, the fantastic new EP from Rosey Cale. Fans of Belles and Gals will know all about Rosey, as she was an obvious choice as one of our Ambassadors when we had that scheme in place last year, and some of you will have got to see her play live in a Belles and Gals showcase in London a couple of years ago.

‘Secrets’ is a four track release from Rosey with the following track listing:

  1. Mary Jane
  2. Breathing Fire
  3. Secrets
  4. Keeper

Mary Jane (excerpt from earlier review):

This rockier number from Rosey is sure to open her up to a whole new audience as well as satisfying those who already follow her. The intro very quickly showed me the maturity Rosey has developed in her song writing and hooks you immediately. The fabulous instrumental work on the track coupled with Owain Jenkins’ (StudiOwz) excellent production really allows Rosey’s powerful vocals to shine through. There is a real anthemic feel to this tune and I could definitely see it being the hit of many country music festivals this summer should they have the good sense to book Rosey. ‘Mary Jane’ is flawlessly structured with the gritty intro leading into the track exploding into life with the gorgeous vocal prowess of Rosey.

Breathing Fire

The title track of the EP starts by setting a scene – an individual walks into a room, and everyone rolls their eyes. Whoever they are, they have a reputation, and you are soon left in little doubt why. ‘You take what you can get, but I know you regret, the way you treated me, oh honey don’t you see, you’re haunted by your own mistakes and that’s now nothing to do with me‘. Rosey’s vocals have an almost smoky air in this atmospheric track that builds and builds. The bridge in ‘Breathing Fire’ is simply fantastic, setting up nicely to the powerful ending of the song. If you’ve ever been burned, this is a track that you’ll want to play loud.

Rosey Cale: It’s about standing up to those people who will do whatever it takes to get to the top. Those people who take, steal and put others down, just to get to where they want to be.

Secrets (excerpt from earlier review)

There’s a moody intro to the track blessed by the beautiful softer side of Rosey’s vocals which sets the tone well for the mysterious element that she wanted to keep by not telling the story behind the track. There’s definitely something cool about not knowing the specific details behind a track and being able to interpret the lyrics how you choose. I think Rosey’s fabulous vocal range is a big strength of hers and it’s so effective at getting the feeling of a song across regardless of what style of song she is singing. ‘Secrets’ is always a favourite at live shows, the emotion of it coupled with Rosey’s stunning voice never fails to silence the room and I think she’s captured that perfectly with the recorded version here.

Keeper (excerpt from earlier review)

A sweet, soaring ballad about falling in love with that “keeper” who is always there for you when every other guy is playing games. This man will be there to pick up the pieces when it all goes wrong and he’ll be there for you at every turn. Cale is a serious vocal talent and this track really shines a light on her breathy, sweet tinged tone, and also showcases her standout songwriting talent through its catchy, yet simple lyrics that will get stuck on a loop in your head for days after just one listen.

‘Breathing Fire’ as an EP is simply brilliant and will surely see Rosey continue on the sharp upward trajectory that she has enjoyed in recent years. It might only be March, but already we have a serious contender for EP of the year in UK Country.


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